Present and Critically Evaluate an Analysis of Current Management Theory and Practice


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  • Ethics and Management
  • Elements of company`s code of Ethics


Learning Outcome

Present and critically evaluate an analysis of current management theory and practice.



This assessment will allow you

  • To display skills of summarizing and condensing lengthy material (your literature review findings);
  • To gain practice translating this material into oral communication suitable for an unprepared audience.



In your presentation, you are required to discuss the following:

1) Research background information;

2) Your findings from the literature review;

3) Your research questions;

4) Your methods of data collection and analysis;

5) Conclusions, including possible research implications (who may benefit from your research).



  • Issue presented clearly and succinctly; no doubt as to why it is important.
  • Appropriate reference to the earlier work.
  • Methods of data collection and analysis are justified well.
  • Conclusions are clear, relate back to the big‐picture context, and are supported by the literature.


Flow & Balance:

Logical, intuitive progression of ideas with clear and direct reference to the information on the slide.


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