Popular Culture: Mickey Mouse Analysis


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The importance of popular culture

Mickey mouse


 Sociologyy assignment. The requirements and the questions of the assignment are listed below
including footnotes and bibliography 10 per cent leeway either way
• Include at least 5 substantive references in bibliography that your essay demonstrates an engagement with.
• Choose the following:
o Apopularcultureartefact
 This may include anything from physical commodities, advertisements, logos, television programmes, films, video games, celebrities, pop icons, Apps, social media sites and so forth.
o Option to choose more than one example if you want to conduct a comparative analysis or if they belong to a type or genre.

o You can focus on a specific aspect of your choice.


 For example, cultural imperialism, commodification, culture industry, ideology, hegemony, carnivalesque, semiotics, feminist theory, Marxism, Adorno, Marcuse, Žižek and so on.

• All examples must be empirically verifiable.
o Include the URL of websites where appropriate.

o If conducting analysis of something for which images are available include it /
them in the text or in an appendix. If there are words or figures, say in an advertisement, they do not count in the word length. Appendixes do not count in word length.


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