Organizational Strategy and Leadership Development


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Profitability of the fashion industry

Factors that contribute to the profitability of the industry


Your assignment is a significant piece of work in this unit. It is an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the relevant issues raised in the assignment question(s). This assignment involves research within the context of existing knowledge. Your investigation may be based on both primary and secondary data that should be analysed and used to support a logically structured argument. It is important to recognise that mere reporting of facts will be inadequate and I will look for evidence of critical review and analysis. You must ensure that there is a clear link between assignment issues and appropriate theory. The acceptable theoretical model may be based on the recommended text or other acknowledged sources.


This assignment requires you to address the following questions/issues:

Q)How profitable do you think the industry (of your choice) currently is and what are the factors driving that profitability?


Q)Also discuss how will these factor change in the future and what will be the effect of these changes on industry profitability?


Assignment 1 relates to external environmental factors. It requires you to assess the structure of an industry of your choice. The unit of analysis is an ‘industry’ rather than an organisation. It is important to have a clear understanding of ‘industry’ as a distinct cluster of organisations. It is pertinent to note that boundaries and membership of many industries has changed quite significantly in recent times. Your discussion of industry analysis should be based on real rather than fictitious or aspirational competitors and their hypothetical actions. You may choose an industry that is either domestic or international in its scope and operations. It will be helpful to clearly specify the boundaries of your industry. For the second part of assignment you can choose to focus on a specific or limited aspects of the macro environment (with some justification why this is desirable) as against considering all elements of the macro environment and their impact on the industry and its profitability.


Description/Focus: The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity to utilise your skills and knowledge of strategic planning to undertake the tasks associated with the key question of where are we now in relation to the external environment and industry structure currently facing your chosen industry.

You will conduct a ‘five forces analyses’ for an industry of your choice. Based on your analysis, you need to indicate how profitable do you think the industry currently is and what are the factors driving that profitability. Also discuss how will these factor change in the future and what will be the effect of these changes on industry profitability.


Task: Utilise the University library, the Internet and any information made available by the industry (e.g. report, promotional materials, industry trends etc) to provide an analysis of the industry’s current operations.

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