Organizational Analysis


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Existing structure of the organization


 Organisational Analysis

For your chosen department, service or organisation

  • Describe the existing structure
  • Hypothesise why the existing structure was chosen and suggest how it contributes to organisational health.
  • Review the functions, goals, interdependencies with other departments/ services/ organisations and the accountabilities of the department/ service/ organisation
  • Discuss how the existing structure is likely to facilitate or impede the achievement of the identified goals, purposes, relationships, etc.
  • Make a justified recommendation, drawing upon your knowledge of the theory, either providing support for the existing structure or making a recommendation for a different, more appropriate structure. Be specific in your description of the existing/new structure and the reasons why you have chosen this structure.

 Organisation: Structure is important to effectively present information and to express

arguments in a logical and systematic way. Was the paper well organised in a manner

consistent with academic/consultancy paper writing? Did the paper conform to the word


Expression: Higher written communication skills include an ability to write in a clear style,

with appropriate grammatical structure and vocabulary, correct spelling and punctuation,

and well-structured sentences. Was the written expression of an acceptable standard?

Citations and List of References: Whenever you quote, or use an idea or data from a source,

you must indicate its origin. Did the paper include an adequate list of references with

meticulously cited sources?

Paper Content

 Sources: Were sources used to strengthen the argument where required? Was background

reading and knowledge of the relevant theories evident in the paper?

 Descriptive Content: Descriptive content provides the reader with the understanding of the

situation. Were the descriptive aspects of the topic dealt with sufficiently?

 Analytical Content: To rise above the basic level, a paper needs sound analytical content.

Was this evident in the paper? Was there sufficient evidence of application of the concepts

and theories of this unit?


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