Modern Communication Channels


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Taking a Census in a class having the Gen-Y and Gen-X students


Discussion Questions

1.Take a poll of your class (at least, the Gen- X and Gen-Y  members). At school or work, how many regularly leg.. daily or every few days) send or receive information (not entertainment) using  (a) e-mail. (b) instant messages or Twitter tweets, (c) cell phone text messages (d) reading/ writing blogs. (c) visiting/authoring social media sites. (e.g., Facebook). (f) watching/creating online videos (e.g.. You Tube)?


2.Even within this generation, there are different prefer­ences fur communication media. Atter conducting the poll ask students who don’t regularly use one or more of these methods why they don’t like that Particular communication medium. Ask those who very often use these sources to give their point of view.


3.Companies have been slow and reluctant to adopt, social media channels online videos, and similar forms of communication. If you were a senior manager. how would you introduce these communication technologies in the workplace to share information and knowledge more effectively.


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