Mattel and Toy Safety


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How to identify an issue ?



Here are the requirements to do the case study:

Step 1: This case study involves Mattel and Toy Safety. First, you must read the case study and once done reading it you will create Microsoft PowerPoint presentation of it. Remember, this is something I will be presenting and discussing orally. This is for a business, government and society class. The source is Business and Society by Anne T. Lawrence and James Weber. You will follow the requirements as noted in the “cases in Business and Society” section as stated in one of the attachments to this e-mail.

Step 2: Give a presentation of the analysis and research by utilizing the 8 strategic radar screens, issue management process and stakeholder map. You will start the PowerPoint presentation by following the issue management process and the 8 strategic radar screens. You will determine all of this and how it coincides with the case study Mattel and Toy Safety. Basically, identify and pinpoint it for each circle in the issue management process and 8 strategic radar screen. Be sure to simplify language and include anything extra in the brief note section and print it out to e-mail it to me.

Step 3: When working the stakeholder map, do not exceed pinpointing the 5 circles in the stakeholder map. You will use the stakeholder map in relation or conjunction to the case study. Be sure to know how does it affect…put ‘Y’ for yes and ‘N’ for no…is it high or low? Just make all necessary indications on the stakeholder map.

Step 4:  Be sure to include the discussion questions along with accurate answers to those questions. DO NOT EXCEED 10 SLIDES FOR THIS MICROSOFT POWERPOINT PRESENTATION! The 9th slide will be for questions and comments. Remember, you will utilize the issue management process and 8 strategic radar screening in relation or conjunction with the case study and pinpoint everything that’s in the circle(s).


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