Managing Strategic Resources and Operation


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Sourcing of raw materials

Global manufacturing strategy


Compare and contrast Apple and COFCO on how they have managed their ‘strategic resources and operations’ to achieve a competitive advantage in respect to: sourcing of raw materials, global manufacturing strategy, their people, sustainability, global supply chains and logistics models through to delivering goods and services to customers.

Both companies are leaders are in their field and have been in business since 1976 for Apple, and 1949 for COFCO. A brief background to both enterprises is provided below.

Compare and contrast Apple and COFCO Explain the interconnectivity of their strategic resources and operations to achieve a global supply chain advantage CLO1/2; SLO1, SLO2; SLO3 Weight: 25%

Produced work which fails to demonstrate a rigorous understanding of knowledge pertaining to Apple/COFCO

At a minimum identifies and describes fundamentals and the basic linkages through logistics, operations and the global supply chain

Demonstrates a basic ability to develop and organize content in a logical manner underpinned by basic analysis with outcomes that are evidence supported

Exhibits a sound ability to develop and organize content in a logical and concise manner based around critical analysis that is underpinned by unambiguous evidence

Critiques in a critical and accurate manner that demonstrates advanced systems thinking applied to an integrated value chain applicable to Apple/COFCO


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