Managing Diversity in Workplace


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Collaboration and Complaint Management Plan


Assignment – PART A: Diversity Policy


During the Budget Review process, it became clear that Velvet Elvis Cafe Bar was not achieving its financial performance goals, as customer loyalty had declined. The manager of Velvet Elvis has asked that you review the Diversity Policy with the view of promoting the diverse workforce in the Velvet Elvis team to the market as a means of increasing customer loyalty and contributing to the cafe’s competitive advantage.

# Velvet Elvis Case Study

Submission Evidence

You are to submit the following items to evidence your undertaking of these tasks:

  • Locate and review the current Diversity Policy (found in the Velvet Elvis Cafe Bar’s HR Policy Handbook)
  • Critically review the diversity policy and provide feedback and suggestions for improvement relevant to current legislation and best practice
  • Apply the diversity policy to the specific work requirements
  • Promote and explain the diversity policy to others

You will be able to use the templates provided or develop your own.



I have critically reviewed the Diversity Policy and this is the feedback and suggestions for improvement:

Review Current Policy – List at least five (5)key diversity requirements listed in the Diversity PolicyRelevant LegislationImprovements and Suggestions I would make to the Diversity Policy – include compliance with legislation and Best Practice
E.g. Parental Leave PolicyEqual Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Act 1999Current policy complies with legislation. Ensure Parental Leave Policy is promoted internally and externally in newsletters and staff updates.


This is how I would apply the Diversity Policy to specific work and job roles and promote and explain strategies so that the policy is understood and implemented into the business.TIP1

Assignment – PART B: Diversity in Work Team


Based on the below Diversity Audit Information Sheet of your team (in Velvet Elvis Case Study), you will need to manage any prejudices, tensions and differences in your own work environment before you can promote the benefits of Diversity.

You will need to:

  • identify any training needs within the team to address any areas of difference
  • identify ways to encourage collaboration with those staff who find it difficult to work with differences
  • identify the strengths that the differences in your team bring to the business

You have received an informal complaint from Donna Noble about overhearing some snide remarks about her gender and indeterminate ethnicity from

some of the kitchen workers when she was eating in the kitchen 2 days ago. She became very upset and took some time to calm down enough to talk

through the scenario. She refused to repeat the remarks as she found them too offensive, but it was clear that they fell outside of the expected behaviour of

Velvet Elvis Staff outlined in the HR Policy Handbook. She doesn’t want to make a formal complaint as she doesn’t want to “get anything on anyone’s permanent record”; however, she has said that she was seriously thinking about resigning.


Submission Evidence

You are to submit the following items to evidence your undertaking of these tasks:

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Collaboration Plan
  • Team Diversity Strengths Matrix
  • Complaint Management Outline

You have the option to use the templates provided or to develop your own.




Every team member has at least one difference that can be viewed as a strength that can improve the organisation’s products, services and customer relations.

In the template provided identify the differences in the team from the Diversity Audit Information Sheet and from the Donna Noble informal complaint.

There will be an associated strength for the organisation that each of these identified differences provide. It is important for Velvet Elvis to identify any training needs to address issues of difference within the team.

TIP: Consider differences in race, age, gender, culture, religion, family.



Collaboration and Complaint Management Plan

Based on Team Diversity Strengths/Differences and Training Needs Analysis, above

Detail how you will manage any tensions and encourage collaboration and respect between team members who struggle to work effectively with differences in the team.


Nature of Issue Eg Age, race, gender, disabilityRelevant legislation/HR policyCollaboration Options TIP: See workbook “Diversity Collaboration” and “Diversity Journey”




Assignment – PART C: Promotion of Diversity


The local Queens Arms Hotel has recently been purchased by a “tree change” couple who had spent several years coming to local B&B’s in Fynntown on vacation. The Queens Arms Hotel is currently undergoing extensive renovation and refurbishment, including the establishment of Fynntown’s first

“proper” restaurant. This constitutes a genuine threat to Velvet Elvis.

Use the above information to promote diversity and identify a means of creating customer loyalty amongst both local customers, and the Bed & Breakfast market. Also identify any competitive advantage Velvet Elvis offers. (See workbook for explanation of competitive advantage.)

Submission Evidence

You are to submit the following items to evidence your undertaking of these tasks:

  • Diversity Promotion Plan including:

o internal and external forums for the promotion to be included in

o key diversity message to be sent

o service enhancements to be developed further as a result of the diversity in the workforce

o a sample diversity promotion flyer or poster supporting the value of diversity at Velvet Elvis.

You have the option to use the templates provided or to develop your own.

Diversity Promotion Plan

TIP: Refer to the workbook “Promoting Diversity”.




“The Value of Diversity” Flyer


  • Show link between the promotion of diversity at Velvet Elvis and how this will give it a competitive advantage over Queens Arms. Include your Diversity Message, above.
  • It may be easier to attach the Flyer as a separate document.


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