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  • Corporate social responsibility
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Introduction to the Global Business

Environment-Exercise-what’s in the news

Globalisation strategies continued module handbook and assessment

Introduction the Case Studies:the strategy of  International Business & Organisation of International Business -Entry strategies and allience

Ethics in Business and Personal Business Ethics

Corporate Governance,source of governance

Corporate Governance and regulation and civic Engagement.Building a code of conduct at an organisation. corporate social responsibility

Building  teams-management concepts.Running committies and meetings.Leadership roles.The Accounts Role,Enterprise strategy

Project Management & Project Planning

Introductory Consultancy Tenchniques


Learning Outcomes

1) Evaluate the working relationships required of a competent accounting professional.

2) Offer solutions that challenge behavioural, managerial and ethical guidelines in the global business environment.
The module specifications suggest that you should use a consultative approach to make decisions based on your own research into contexts, ultimately providing practical advice and solutions to real-life scenarios in a report. Therefore you are required to act as a business consultant and prepare a report analysing a modern day scenario. This modern day scenario can be developed by working consultatively with a business, an organisation or a group to devise a case study. You will be asked to complete a pro-forma ‘Participants Consent Letter’ (provided below), before you commence working with the organisation, that outlines confidentiality and permission.
You should consider this ‘project’ as a case study that you are compiling with the permission of an organisation. You should show how you have used your knowledge from your studies to date (developed from any/all of your modules in your programme, as well as from this module) to present recommendations/solutions to the issues/projects/tasks that have been considered. You are not to offer any advice to the organisation under any circumstances. You may consider this project as an opportunity to work with a real organisation to help your personal development, and to aid your achievement in this module only. It may be that it allows you to establish a relationship with an organisation that may blossom after your studies are complete, it may be that it can give you valuable work experience that you can use as evidence of your abilities — e.g. on application forms or in interviews. The project is to be internally assessed only.
You should seek to demonstrate how you have acted at all stages in your consultancy — you may do this by evidencing in your report what was done and use personal reflections on your working relationship with the organisation. E.g. you may record how you have conducted meetings or how you engaged upon analysing information. Importantly, you must also attempt to reflect upon any ethical/moral practices or codes of practice that you have abided by in your work, i.e. to demonstrate how you have acted professionally at all stages.
You should outline in a separate section in the report (which will be submitted to the only) what hypothetical recommendations you could give to the  organisation.
The nature of this assessment means that you could be communicating with many individuals and with different teams as you would do in a real working situation. Success would therefore require putting into practice the personal skills that you have been developing upon your programme to date. Therefore you will need to communicate with your module leader, and with all the other stakeholders (e.g. managers or other students) with regard to your engagement and consultancy.



1)Evidence professional conduct incorporating ethical/moral comprehension.Reflection

2)Use of academic content/ rigour/analysis and use of moddels/techniques/theory

3)Clear solutions or recommendation that are logically and critically formed from your case data

4)Demonstrate how skills learnt from studies have been applied.

5)Presentation,clarity and coherence of the report



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