Management of Recruitment, Selection and Induction Process


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Human Resource Planning Questionnaire


Assessment description

Many small businesses lack well-developed recruitment and selection systems. The resulting poor staffing decisions can cost businesses time and money and lead to worker frustration.

Your role is to work as a consultant to a small business.


Use the JLK simulated business documentation to complete the following tasks.

1. (2.1)Prepare a questionnaire which will be used to survey key stakeholders (relevant positions in the small business) and identify the HR needs of the business for the next 12 months.

2. (2.1) Issue questionnaires to your assessor with instructions to complete the survey taking on the roles of the key stakeholders you have identified.

3. (1.2, 1.3, 2.1)Develop a human resources (HR) plan to address the HR needs of the organisation and have the plan approved by your assessor before proceeding further.

Note: HR plan must include: identification of needs or gaps, identification of key stakeholders and specialists, current status of human resources, recruitment and selection processes and a review of technology options to improve its efficiency and effectiveness, use of psychometric and skills testing programs, outsourcing options and recommendations for improvements.

4. (2.2)Develop a system which ensures that managers and other personnel involved in recruitment, selection and induction processes use current position descriptors and person specifications for vacancies

5. (1.5)Develop job descriptions (see attached template).

6. (2.4)Develop an advertising policy and procedure, including checklist, which complies with organisational, legal and policy requirements.

7. (2.6, 2.7, 2.8)Develop a selection policy and procedure, including checklists, that complies with organisational, legal and policy requirements for:

a. external reference checking

b. providing offers of employment (including advice about salary, terms and conditions, probation).

8. (1.4, 2.5)Review the procedures with key stakeholders and your assessor before proceeding.

9. (1.6, 2.3, 3.1)Facilitate and evaluate some training on at least two of the procedures developed using a training evaluation form (see attached template).


Assessment Task 1

You must provide:

● a brief business profile that outlines:

○ product and/or services

○ clients

○ human resources

● survey report

● HR plan

● A system to ensure managers use position descriptors etc in recruitment etc

● position descriptions

● advertising and selection policies

● advertising, external reference checks, offers of employment procedures, including checklists

● training evaluations for two procedures.


Your assessor will be looking for the following in your survey report:

● a summary of existing HR processes including policies and procedures

● a well-designed survey instrument that identifies current and future HR needs

● completed survey instruments

● conclusion from surveys regarding current and future HR needs.


Your assessor will be looking for the following in the HR plan:

● key areas that need to be addressed

● signed endorsement of the plan by the business manager

● identification of key policies and procedures to be developed

● job descriptions.


Your assessor will be looking for the following in the policy and procedures:

● at least three procedures related to recruitment and selection (these can be

improvements on existing procedures, or new procedures)

● each procedure to include: purpose, policy, step-by- step instructions and checklists


● procedures must comply with legal and organisational requirements.

Your assessor will be looking for the following in the training evaluations:

● suitability of tasks covered

● effective methods of training delivery

● effective supporting documentation.


Agree the organisation  to involve with your assessor. If candidates do not have access to an organisation, the assessor will provide one.

The presentation can be adjusted for distance learning. The presentation for this task can be varied to take place on Skype conference (or any other video conferencing tool available to the learner).


Option 1: Assessor as observer

The learner should conduct the presentation as specified in the Assessment Task, but may require adjustment in reporting, presenting or interviewing, or other situations where the assessor and learner meet face-to- face.

● The presentation can be varied to take place by Skype conference. If that is possible, the process followed does not need to be varied greatly.

● The candidate should email presentation material (PowerPoint slides) to the assessor prior to the presentation.

● Additional evidence (documents, photos, videos) may be required and can be electronic but must conform to the format guidelines provided to candidate.


Option 2: Video the presentation

The presentation may involve skills that are too active or complex for video conferencing. This might involve skills or demonstrations of complex tasks.

In these cases, the learner may be able to video the presentation and send it to the assessor.


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