Malaysian Airlines – Marketing Case Study


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SWOT Analysis


Write a report on marketing about Malaysian Airlines

In your assumed role as a Marketing Consultant to a stated client organization, you are required to submit a management report to the Managing Director to address the need for changes to the current marketing strategy.

Your brief should be achieved through the following requirements : –

1. An introduction to the report which outlines the areas of research undertaken together with other evidence sources used and core literature / concepts applied to achieve this consultancy assignment as an MBA student.

[You are expected to outline, all the sources you have used to prepare the report, these could be summarised in a GANTT Chart over a 5-6 week time period. All sources should be focused upon the need for change to marketing strategy.]


2. The existing market segmentation, market targeting and competitive positioning, with recommendations for change to improve future market relevance for business sustainability.

[ You will be required to state where the organization is now and how the projected position should be for future business sustainability. Each of the 3 areas of Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning must be addressed.]


3. For one core market segment, explain the current buying behaviour and the environmental factors which may influence buying patterns in the future. State how the company should take justified pro-active steps to meet changes in buying behavior.

[ A model of buying behaviour should be used to capture current purchasing path’ ins. Sources of Environmental Influences such as emerging trends, technology innovation, competition and the PESTEL factors should be used as a source of reference. The suggested steps should be aligned to the need for change.


4. The need for innovation within selected marketing mix variables to secure forecasted business volumes across all market segments.

[ This requires an action plan for change for each of the relevant marketing mix variables, timescales and forecasts. The use of models may be appropriate to add depth and rationale. Attempt to cross-reference your suggestions to earlier sections in this report. ]


5.How the existing customer experience could be improved to attract new customers as well as to drive customer loyalty among existing customers?

[View the customer experience pre-sale, sale and post-sale,consider all the customer contact points throughout this sales process.Highlight areas of weaknesses in the total customer experience process and then make appropriate recommendations to support customer acquisition and customer retention.]


6.The outcomes expected from your  recommendations

[Stateb the result to be expected in qualitative and quantitative terms.]


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