LP8.1 Assignment: Classes and Objects


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Dim m As Square = New Cube() Text = CStr(m.Result(2)


2.What will he the effect if the Midterm property block is changed to the following?

Public WriteOnly Property Midterm() As Double Set(ByVal value As Double)

mmidterm . value t 10

End Set

End Property


4.Modify the class block for Student so that the student’s semester average can he displayed with a statement of the form



6.Write code for the class block that sets the two grades to 10 whenever an instance of the class is created.


2.Create a class State with five properties to hold the information about a single state and a method that calculates the density (people per square mile) of the state.


4.Dim m As Square = New Cube() Text = CStr(m.Result(2)


6.Consider the class hierarchy in the second practice problem. What value is assigned to the variable phrase by the following two lines of code?

Dim vertebrate As New Vertebrates() Dim phrase As String = vertebrate.Msg


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