Life Span Development and Factors Influencing Development


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Psychological stages of lifespan development by “Erik Erikson”


Task One:Development &  Behaviour

This task is to provide your team with information on theories and theorists connected to development and behaviour .Prepare a briefing paper for the team that compare at least 2 psychological theories of lifespan development as they relate to Domiciliary Care for 2 different clients with differing needs and ages.

Task One gives you on opportunity to achieve:

M2:Select design and apply appropriate methods techniques Complex information has been produced for an audience unfamiliar with the subject.


Task Two:Social Roles

1)Explanation of the social and biological influences that affect human behaviour and an analysis of the importance of social roles in one health and one social care setting

Task Two gives you on opportunity to achieve:

M1:Identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solution Relevant theories have been related to real world situation.

M2:Select design and apply appropriate methods techniques Complex information has been produced for an audience unfamiliar with the subject.

D1:Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusions Conclude the presentation with an outline of what would be done differently to improve the presentation for the occasion.

D2: Take responsibility for managing and organising Content and timing of presentation as required.


Task Three:Application of Psychological Theories

This task requires you to provide the team with a basic understanding of psychological theories as they relate to different behaviours exhibited by clients that originate from different “triggers”

Using at least 2 theories/theorists write information notes for your team on the following:

i)Analysing how theories help understating of people experiencing elevated level of stress.

ii)Analyse how the theories explain behaviour disturbance

iii)Analyse how mental health disorders are understood

iv)Evaluate how applying psychological principles can effect behaviour change in client, showing at least 1 example from a specified health setting.

v)Provide an example of how effective psychological theories can be in enhancing our understanding of relationships in a specified social care context.


Task Three gives you on opportunity to achieve:

M3:Present and communicate appropriate findings /Use of terminology appropriate to the content is explained in clear terms.

D3:Demonstrate convergent lateral and creative thinking activities/Show how understanding of theory can produce insight into relationships and behaviour

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