Law-601 International Business Law


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Non-performance of the Seller's obligation to deliver the goods at the stipulated time



A-Co, domiciled in Saudi Arabia, intends to conclude an agreement with a company in Switzerland, B-Co, to export dates.

A-Co undertakes to sell an amount of 2’500 kg of dates, quality “A-Premium”, for the price of 12 US$ / kg. A-Co will send the dates by plane, to Geneva, before 30th November 2015 (B-Co insists on getting the dates at that time, as it sells a lot of these products just before Christmas). B-Co will get delivery of the dates in Geneva. It will mandate a company to check the products. It undertakes to pay the price immediately after checking of the products is completed.

In order to draft the purchase and sale agreement, both parties agree to get inspired by the United Nations Convention on contracts for the international sale of goods.



Please, draft the agreement between the parties, taking into account that this agreement must be implemented in Saudi Arabia and in Switzerland.




A-Co, domiciled in Saudi Arabia, intends to conclude an agreement with a company in France, B-Co, to export dates.

A-Co undertakes to deliver 10 tons of dates, in January 2016, just after the dates are picked up. Delivery will be made CIF, Le Havre.



By reference to the short form version of the international contract for the sale of goods, please indicate which articles of this contract should be changed, if you would like it to be implemented in Saudi Arabia and why.

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