Investigation into Basic Factors of Business Process(James Hardie NZ Ltd)


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  • General Company Description
  • Company Ownership
  • Human Resource utilization




The aim is twofold: (1) to develop understanding of production in services and manufacturing, process strategies, to plan for capacity requirements; human resource utilization and project management. (2) To identify opportunities for productivity improvements.



A. You are to research James Hardie NZ Ltd (JH). You are not to interview managers or employees from this organization.


B. You are to use James Hardie as the organization to answer the following questions. Refer to the Business Report template provided and complete all the missing sections.


C. Provide a work breakdown schedule (WBS), draw a simple network, project plan and Gantt chart for your assignment (See Chapter 3 – Project Management).


1. (a) Describe James Hardie briefly. (b) Identify whether James Hardie (JH) is either a service organization or a manufacturing organization. Fully justify your choice and include the unique ‘characteristics’ of these categories. Clearly demonstrate why the classification you have identified is true.


2. Identify, analyze and propose a recommendation for improvement of the current process design used at the JH production facility: Job shop (process focus), Assembly line (repetitive), continuous flow (product), mass customization or hybrid. You must fully justify your reasons.


3. (a) Identify a productivity issue at JH. (b) Use either: single factor or multi-factor productivity measurement to explain and demonstrate how JH can improve efficiency and/or cost performance in this area.


4. (a) Identify three potential critical capacity constraints (CCCs) that could be present in the production department or another core business process at JH. (b) Make a recommendation to overcome each of these CCCs. Ensure you include in your answer key strategies suggested by Heizer and Render (2011) manipulate capacity to match demand for products.


5. (a) Review and provide a brief synopsis of the current Human Resource practices at JH.(b) Recommend two new approaches that would help improve productivity and motivation of staff. (You should include the key concepts such as training and development, induction process, incentive schemes and job design in your discussion).


6. Five weekly reflective journals (weeks 1 – 5) describing the different stages of your project and the application of the key project management (PM) principles such as planning, scheduling and controlling. Ensure to include the ‘highs and lows’ you encountered during this process as project manager in your discussion.


Business Report

Executive Summary

1.0 General Company Description

  • Values:
  • Vision statement:
  • Mission statement:

2.0 Company Ownership

3.0 Company Background

4.0 Current Products

  • 4.1 Product One
  • 4.2 Product Two
  • 4.3 Product Three

5.0 Type of Organisation

6.0 Process Strategy

7.0 Productivity

8.0 Human Resource utilisation

9.0 Capacity Issues

10.0 Project Management

11.0 Competition

12.0 Strengths and core competencies

13.0 Challenges (weaknesses & threats)now &in the near future

14.0 Opportunities now & in the near future:

15.0 Priorities for the longer term 3 to 5 years (Broad Strategies):

  • 15.1 Priorities for the next 6 – 12 months (Action Plan):


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