International Business Management


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The Importance of Human Relations in the Workplace


1.The Importance of Human Relations in the Workplace

2.Workplace Managers Learning It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Human

3.International Business Management

Course Objectives:

The course endeavors to accomplish the following objectives:

1.Explain how and why the world’s countries differ.

2.Present a thorough review of the economics and politics of international trade and investment.

3.Explain the functions and forms of the global monetary system.

4.Assess the special roles of an international business’s various functions.

Course Objectives:

1. To provide the student with a basic overview of human relations and business.

2. To introduce the student to the concepts and terminology of human relations.

3. To acquaint the student with the various functional areas of human relations.

4. To provide the student with a background to assist her/him in analyzing and studying human relations.

5. To prepare student to achieve insight, knowledge and relationship skills needed to deal with a wide range of people-related issues in the work place.


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