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Victoria Business School is currently extending its premises at Rutherford House, as part of this process it is planning to upgrade information and communications technology infrastructure to take account of current and future developments in learning and teaching technology. Examples of these anticipated changes are:

1.Changes in approaches to learning and teaching which are increasingly making traditional lecture rooms redundant and creating a need for more flexible learning spaces, both inside and outside the classroom;

2.A move to more flexible learning, so that students can learn in their own time and space, for example by making lectures and tutorials available over multiple video links;

3.An increasing trend for students to bring their own individual devices to University (known as BYOD), which is changing the role of traditional computer labs;

4.Increasing use of mobile devices within lectures for activities such as pop quizzes and soapbox;

5.Increasing use of social media tools for learning both inside and outside the classroom.


Your task is to identify how ICT enabled teaching and learning could most effectively be utilised in the refurbished Rutherford House environment. You will present your ideas and analysis as a high level business case for the Business School Leadership team. Your report will illustrate the benefits of these changes to the University community and provide some practical examples of how they could workThe Universities funds are limited and your report should provide information which will help them to decide how to prioritise spending on ICT infrastructure in order to best meet both current and future developments in learning and teaching.


Your challenge is to develop a high-level business case that:

a.Identifies current developments in educational technology that are relevant to Victoria Business School.


b)Provides recommendations (with appropriate justification) as to which of those developments are likely to be of most benefit to Victoria Business School in both the short and long term.


c.Provides an example of how those recommended technologies could be implemented in one formal learning space (e.g. lecture room, tutorial room or computer laboratory), and one informal learning space (e.g. inside Rutherford House but not used for timetabled classes).


The Dean of the Business School has been reading about cloud technologies and would like you to investigate what role they could play.


As a high-level business case, this does not have to include detailed financial breakdowns of costs but you should endeavour to provide ballpark figures.  For example; Scopia Videoconferencing [email protected] $400 per user/year (approx.).

Note. This is an individual exercise, you are encouraged to discuss and share ideas and resources in your tutorial groups but your final business case must be all your own work.


To do this you will need to:

a)Revise or familiarise yourself with the expectations of a business case level communications. We will spend some tutorial time on this.

b)Research current developments in educational technology that are relevant to higher education institutions in New Zealand.

c)Use the balanced score card approach (or similar) to evaluate the potential benefits of different educational technologies.

d)Provide examples of how selected technologies could be implemented in the Rutherford House environment, tools such as high-level ICT design documents may be useful here.


Format: Board-level, business communications.

Properly referenced using APA style(for our marking purposes, in a real-world business case you would typically use footnotes for references).


For the purposes of this business case our assumptions are that:

  • Victoria Business School is wired to sufficient UFB standards (1 Gb/s uncontended Ethernet per user);
  • Computer and mobile technology will continue to be cheap and readily available for students (you still need to think about the digital divide issues though).

You should present your ideas in the form of a logical, informative, and coherent discussion but in a business case your writing needs to be concise and to the point.

Bullet points are OK.  But, they have to make sense; a bulleted list that lacks a good introductory sentence and meaningful label is unhelpful.

Only use numbered lists when sequence matters, for example:

  1. Put on sock
  2. Put on shoe

Where necessary, you should provide authoritative support in the form of correct referencing.  In text APA style is expected as the faculty standard.  Limited use of footnotes is also fine,especially for clarifying technical material and terms.

You are writing an essay that displays your mastery of the subject and ability to synthesise complex technical material into plain business language.

Recommended Structure that You Could Use

1.COMO445 Assignment Cover Page (as provided on blackboard).

2.Title Page.

3.Executive Summary.

4.Table of Content.



  • Identifying Current Development/Technology in Higher Education.
  • Recommendations/Justifications.
  • (Optional) The role of Cloud Computing in Higher Education.
  • Example for Formal Learning Space.
  • Example for Information Learning Space.



9.Reference List and Appendices.


Title Page

Please include the following information in your title page

  • Main title of the report – Name of this assignment.
  • The name of the author……………………
  • The person to whom the report …………………..
  • Date of submission ……………………………
  • Course title – COMO445 – Telecommunications in Business.


Executive Summary

  • The aim and objectives of the report (i.e. what is the purpose of this report).
  • The key facts (findings) that Manager will need to consider when the recommendations that you have made for the Rutherford House refurbishments


Please include the following information in your title page:

  • The subject/context – What are we trying to write about?
  • Background material/problems – What do we know about the Rutherford House refurbishments and what are the problems/future plans that are being made in regards to ICTs.
  • What are you investigating – “Identify how ICT-enabled teaching and learning could most effectively be utilized in the refurbished Rutherford House environment” and also state the purpose of this investigation?
  • Key concepts – Provide the definitions for some of the technologies/technical terms/acronyms that will be used throughout your report.
  • Limitations or assumptions that Bob will need to know about as he reads your report. E.g. are you using estimates/real-life statistical figures/budgets.


The first of the discussion should concentrate on identifying and providing a brief overview on the current educational developments or technologies that are relevant to Victoria Business School (part a on page 2).

  • You will be expected to research some of the different technologies that have been used in the higher education (universities) in New Zealand.
  • As a starting point, I suggest that you could look into 4-6 different educational technologies/developments.


The second part of the discussion will look at the recommendations that you will make (part b on page 2).

  • I suggest that you rank each of your selected developments. (I.e. first discuss the technologies that you see as having the most benefit before discussing the ones you see as relatively less beneficial for Victoria’s Business School).
  • You could incorporate the balance scorecard to evaluate the short-term and long-term benefits between the different educational technologies.
    • This could be used to state the reasons on why you have ranked certain technologies as having the most or least benefit.
    • Balance scorecards – Please look at pages 258-262 on Chapter 9. We will cover this next week.
  • This will allow you to narrow the amount of educational technologies that you will talk about.
    • E.g. If you identified 6 current developments or educational technologies, you could use the balance scorecard to select the top 3-4 and conduct a more thorough recommendation and justification.
    • I apologise for any confusions or inconveniences that I may have placed in regards to this assignment. This issue has been discussed and I have been informed about the amount of balance scorecards that should be used in the assignment.


The final part of the discussion should concentrate on providing examples on how the recommended technologies can be implemented in learning settings (it was the top 3-4 technologies that you selected on the second part of the discussion or part b on page 2). (This links to part c in page 2).

  • We strongly encourage you to construct and draw a diagram that combines some of those educational technologies for:
    • One diagram for a formal learning space – Inside a tutorial/lecture room.
    • One diagram for an informal learning space – In Rutherford House, but outside the lecture/tutorial room.
  • When drawing the diagrams, please make sure that you talk about the diagram in more detail:
    • What networking hardware/software will you be using for each of the learn space diagrams.
    • What is the layout of the learning space?
    • How might students be seated/placed in the learning space
  • Please look into Chapter 11. The network diagrams that are drawn have be done on Microsoft Visio, a handy tool for creating diagrams and models.


In addition, the assignment requires you to look into the role of cloud computing for higher education in New Zealand. You could decide to do either the following:

  • Have a separate section between the recommendations and the examples and evaluate the benefits/issues of cloud computing in NZ’s higher education.
  • Or argue it as another form of educational technology along with the various educational technologies that you have identified (social media, BYOD).
    • In other words: include it as part of the 4-6 mix that you identified in the first part of your discussion.


You will need to relate this section to the objectives that are set out in your introduction and evaluate the evidence that is provided in your discussion section.

  • This needs to be written briefly as a numbered list. Please state the major conclusions first before the minor conclusions.
  • This could be based on your rankings of each of the educational developments or technologies that you did in the discussion session.
    • State the technology, briefly summarize the key points benefit and link it to the objective (recent refurbishments in Rutherford House).


  • The recommendation section will be based on your personal views and opinions on whether an action should be taken or not. They must be based on each of the numbered conclusions that you have outlined.
    • For this assignment, you could look at each of the educational technologies in the conclusion.
    • Make a brief and personal decision and ask yourself this question
      • Should Bob Buckle consider this technology for the Rutherford House establishment? (Yes or No).
      • Remember with each recommendation, you should be very concise and allow Bob to see your reasons in a clear manner.


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