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Environmental Politics Advisor

Secretary of Sustainable Trade


The Ecotopia Project consists of two phases, (I) a group presentation, and (II) an individual research paper.

I. Group Presentation

In the group presentation, students will collaborate to create an ecologically-sustainable society. The instructor

will randomly place students into groups named after the six major biomes:

1. Temperate Deciduous Forest

2. Temperate Grassland

3. Northern Coniferous Forest

4. Tropical Rain Forest

5. Tropical Grassland

6. Tundra

Each group will create a PowerPoint presentation to be shared with the class. Groups should think of a creative name for their society (for example “Green Paradise”). Each participant should prepare at least two slides for each responsibility (“secretariat/cabinet position”) in their portfolio (group of cabinet responsibilities).

Each group should begin their presentation with a brief description of their biome. The presentation should include some collaborative slides that explain overall themes and ideas, in addition to the slides created by each member to cover their particular cabinet responsibilities. The presentation should also include introductory and concluding slides.

Individual group members will be responsible for several aspects of creating their sustainable society within the biome—their portfolio. (For the second part of the project, each individual will write a research paper on their portfolio of responsibilities.) Since everything in nature and the environment is connected to everything else, each individual will need to coordinate and negotiate the details of how the entire sustainable society will be created. For example, the geography, ecology, and weather conditions of the biome will determine which sustainable forms of renewable energy should be used in that society. The type of energy used will determine waste and ecological protections necessary. For example, if you use nuclear energy, then you will have to figure out how to deal with radioactive waste for tens of thousands of years! Moreover, your agricultural, fishery, and livestock decisions will impact your land use planning, waste recycling, food supply, and ocean ecosystem health, and your policies regarding global climate change will impact environmental security.

Ecotopia cabinet positions (responsibilities): Students are responsible for their portfolios and coordinating with other members of their teams to make sustainable decisions in their biome. There will be overlapping responsibilities and concerns. You can form ad hoc task forces to negotiate sustainable solutions.

Equally divide up the following cabinet positions into portfolios. Each student will have several cabinet positions in their portfolios. Negotiate within your group for your choices of positions. All cabinet positions must be filled:

1. Secretary of Sustainable Energy

2. Recycling Czar (waste, toxic waste, nuclear waste, environmental hazards)

3. Secretary of Sustainable Agriculture and Humane Livestock Policy Czar (food, soil, pest

management, livestock)

4. Secretary of Sustainable Transportation

5. Secretary of Aquatic Sustainability and Water Czar (oceans, lakes and rivers, fisheries, aquaculture,


6. Secretary of Sustainable Forestry, Parks and Recreation

7. Secretary of Mineral Sustainability

8. Secretary of Sustainable Economic Policy

9. Secretary of Sustainable Industrial and Business Policy

10. Sustainable Tax and Revenue Policy Czar

11. Secretary of Environmental Protection and Chair of Environmental Ethics Advisory Board

12. Clean Air Czar

13. Secretary of Sustainable Cities (urban planning, building codes, zoning)

14. Secretary of Biodiversity and Natural Capital

15. Population Policy Czar

16. Global Climate Change Czar

17. Environmental Politics Advisor

18. Secretary of Sustainable Trade

19. Secretary of Environmental Security (considers the effects of potential environmental degradation on global geopolitics, water scarcities, environmental refugees, potential armed conflict over scarce resources)

20. Chair of Seventh Generation Protectorate (considers effects of decisions on future generations)

Individual Research Paper

Each student will write a paper covering their portfolio of responsibilities for their Ecotopia group.

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