Improving Health and Reducing Disease Among Low Caste Groups (Focusing Dalits) in Far Western Nepal


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  • Key Stakeholders and Impact
  • Project Evaluation
  • Risk Assessment


Project Proposal

Title: Improving health and reducing disease among low caste groups (focusing Dalits) in Far Western Nepal

Goals of Project:

[What you want the project to achieve;briefly describe your ultimate project goals in outcome terms, and any intermediate goals as well]



[Concrete products (such as questionnaires and reports)]

Project Rationale:

[Why this problem/issue needs to be addressed through a project]


[Major steps you will complete in logical order, with estimated timeframe for completion. Include study design, data sources, data collection instruments, data collection methods, recruitment strategies (if appropriate), data storage, data analysis methods where appropriate.

Key Stakeholders and Impact:

[Who will gain, who will lose, who will have to accept change/workload. Describe each of the major stakeholders, or stakeholder groups and identify the potential impact the project will have on each

Stakeholder Management Plan


Ethical issues:

Outline of ethical issues, if any, and how they’ll be addressed:

Project Evaluation:

[How will you know if you’ve succeeded – what measures will you use to monitor your project and how will the data be collected and used?]

Risk Assessment

[What are major risks that might prevent successful completion?]


Budget and Resources

[What resources will be needed, and how will you secure them?]


1 Literature Review

2 Logic Frame

BO13Project Summary


4 Project Logic Model


5 Task List … OR




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