Identify the Subject,Verb & the Complement for Each Sentence


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Identify the Subject, Verb, and the Complement for each sentence.

1. This is awesome!

2. I see potato chips.

3. Wait! I see potato chips.

4. Under the table.

5. I really love potato chips.

6. There Mrs. Acevedo’s.

7. There’s us.

8. Luyddyn.

9. Luyddyn with two d’s.

10. Like those “Leggo” blocks.

11. Can I play with them all day?

12. I know because “Leggo” blocks are my favourite.

13. I think the computer look like me.

14. Because I watch annoying orange.

15. Because annoying orange is so annoying.

16. He makes funny jokes.

17. Can I look at your paper?

19. It’s also sticky.

20. It doesn’t, with some water, it sticks all.

21. Right?

22. And if we do right, it’s less sticky.

23. Why there’s “Leggo” toy?

24. Oh my God!

25. Seven.

26. Can I take a look?

27. Tire?

28. A “Leggo.”

29. Another tire.

30. Little.

31. Big.

32. I found match.

33. Green spoon.

34. Sure. It feels like a baby spoon.

35. And that’s a big one. It’s all made out of metal.

36. It’s a lobster.

37. The caterpillar have a 10 legs, but caterpillars it’s have a big tummy.

38. Yes.

39. Lets’ see, one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen.

40. Caterpillar don’t have any tail.

41. There erasers

42. Spider!

43. Wait! It’s a skeleton.

44. Like, like the pirate ship, like a flag.

45. The flag of the pirate ship.

46. It’s a jack-o- lantern.

47. Blup! Oh my God!

48. Look what the tires’ in the water.

49. It floats.

50. Can I put mine in?

51. Look at that! Oh no.

52. But they’re different.

53. This one is floating, but this one just sink.

54. That’s because I think this one is too big!

55. Yes! And this one is too small.

56. Figure out this problem.

57. Lets try this big one see what happens.

58. Jump in. Awwe. Oh my God!

59. It’s touching to the ground this.

60. Lets’ try to the eraser and see wha happen.

61. Oh no. Oh!

62. That what happened the eraser and it kind of sink.

63. Now the caterpillar.

64. Look like lobster to me.

65. Look, it’s floating!

66. Lets’ try this metal spoon.

67. Metal will not burn.

68. Like hot lava.

69. Now this green spoon.

70. Wait! Look at this.

71. This metal one sink, but the green laboon (spoon) just stand float.

72. Let’s try a “Leggo” block.

73. That’s because this light and this is too heavy.

74. This one.

75. And this one is hard.

76. That’s because metal will never break.

77. But lazer will break metal.

78. Lets’ try that “Leggo” block.

79. I already used these pieces, that’s why I took them out.

80. Wait, can it open?

81. No it can’t

82. No it can’t because, we can connect them like this.

83. Yep!

84. Lets’ see the big based with two “Leggo” blocks on it.

85. There it goes. Oh no.

86. Yeah, but the top one fell off floating.

87. Yep. You do.

88. A car?

89. There is a boat.

90. Can I try boat?

91. It floats. Oh oh. It’s sinking.

92. Hey.

93. I think this one is still bending?

94. But this one is bending.

95. But that’s because it has to be the same size.

96. Wait, let me take this out.

97. And let me see I can put the same size.

98 Like. Like there’s balance.

99. Almost done okay.

100. There balanced.

101. Now lets’ see.

102. There balanced!

103. But this one has a lot of pieces.

104. But there still the same.

105. Lets’ try the car.

106. I’m going to take away this one and this one.

107. I know.

108. Now the car.

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