Identify the Subject, Verb, and Complement for Each Sentence


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What is the Noun Phrase (NP), and subject for each sentence?



1.Identify the subject, verb, and complement for each sentence under the heading – Level 3 & Level 3 Headings below

2. Identify: (a)All conjunctions sentences (b) Sentences with  2 verbs or more.

3. Identify: What type of sentence is each sentence. Is it a i.e. Noun Phrase, Verb Phrase or Prepositional Phrase, etc.).

a)What is the Noun Phrase (NP), and subject for each sentence. Is it a i.e. (Determiner, Noun Head and complement) of the sentence.

b)What is the Verb Phrase (VP) Predicate in each sentence i.e. (Determiner, Verb Head, and complement) of the sentence.

c)Please identify: The Inflectional Phrase (IP) within the sentence

Note-Many of the sentences may be grammatically incorrect, but that is okay, just do your best to identify the subject, verb, and complement within each one.

Level 3

1)Where do you live?

2)Where do you live Michelle?

3)You live next to my house?

4)You live next to my house?

5)You live next to my house?

6)That’s a ninja turtle.

7)No. No. No. That’s not right.

8)I pick it up.

9)Look. Look. When this thing.

10)They can do a other way.

11)Yeah it is.

12)He’s driving on something.

13)This is the now to go that way.

14)They turned it by mistake.

15)Yeah. And that’s his kid upside down.

16)And this looks weird too.

17)Oh, okay. Can I do right here with this?

18)So. Can you help me with something?

19)No. You have to help me with this thing.

20)So I need to connect the all of the truck through here.

21)To that bridge.

22)So, you wanna play “legos?”

23)Hmm huh. So, this is for the bathtub.

24)Yeah, I have three.

25)I heard that!

26)You wanna know what this can do?

27)Oh, I hurt my body.

28)Yeah, it’s only a “lego toy.”

29)Oh wait, a “lego” toy from that kit.

30)I found it.

31)What garage?

32)It doesn’t open.

33)It’s not a garage.

34)No, but daddy said no.

35)This is a motorcycle.

36)Me. One, toe, three, four, five, hmmmm.

37)We’re going to fix it already.

38)Yeah , so umm what you wanna do next?

39)What you said?

40)What does “minecraft” mean?

41)What does “minecraft” mean?

42)Yeah, I want to look that red one.

43)Yeah so you like it?

44)What you like most of all?

45)Yeah, all the time.

46)I don’t know why that happens.

Level 4

1)Look, it can look at you.

2)Look, going upside down xxx with this is a hard way to stand up.

3)No, No, No, No. This is the tree house so people can stand, not drive on it.

4)Daddy said no. Not to make it a garage.

5)What comes after five? Six.

6)I like the way you set up your room.

7)This one doesn’t stand up.

8)You push it and then the arms move.

9)Yea and you turn them.

10)They can do an a and you can turn their head too.

11)I’m killing him because he punched me in the face.

12)Because the xxx and the policeman didn’t.

13)You have to flippa yourself and you’ll be back up.

14)And they flip again, and flip again, and flip again.

15)And then, and all of the trucks to that bridge.

16)Connect all the way to here and then turn left to that shed over there.

17)For the bathtub, this is for the bath and these are for the, not for the bathtub.

18)No, No, No, No. This is the tree house so people can stand, not drive on it.

19)Yeah and the other Ninja Turtle s are red and orange and purple.

20)I just turn it off because I don’t that sounds.

21)So you wanna fix my train table now?

22)But I don’t wanna play with it.

23)So you wanna play with that?

24)So I play with them and you can lose them.

25)And you can’t throw them, they will break.

26)That one and I keep putting it on.

27)When I keep taking it up and take a car, it keeps rolling down.

28)Because look all the other boxes are heavier.

29)But these, this one is brand new.

30)So that one is not standing up better.


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