Identification and description of leadership style appropriate to chosen future position

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Comparison of your existing skills and skills required for future position


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Learning outcome two (BAM)

Assess and evaluate their current leadership potential (skills, abilities and knowledge) and how these impact on their leadership capability


Learning outcome five (NZDB): Students will evaluate their current leadership abilities and create their own leadership development plan.


You are required to prepare a Leadership Development Plan. The plan should include:

1.Description of your current leadership style and skills. You should use suitable leadership theories and evaluative techniques to describe your current style and skills. Evaluative techniques may include a range of leadership tests available on the Internet or in leadership textbooks, some of which are referred to on eMIT.


2.Selection of a position that you hope to attain in the future, e.g. Operations Director, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, General Manager, CEO and an analysis of the leadership style and skills required for a leader to be successful in that particular role. Benchmark yourself against a known respected leader/s in such a position.


3.A comparison between your current leadership style and skills and those you will require in order to fill the position selected in (2) above. Provide a clear explanation of why you need to develop the above skills (with specific reference to the leadership style/s suitable for your chosen future role).


4. An Action Plan that clearly shows how you will develop your leadership style and skills to be capable of success in your desired position/leadership role.


Your plan should include:

  • opportunities for development
  • rationale for development
  • strategies for development
  • timeframe
  • measures
  • resourcing


Leadership Development Plan


Description of your current leadership style and skills by:

1. Brief description of leadership theory

2. Explanation of why this theory is currently applicable to your own leadership style with reference to your own strengths and weaknesses

3. Evidence of having used at least 3 different leadership evaluation techniques to arrive at description of current leadership style

4. Evidence of critical thinking with regard to the results of these tests



1. Identification and description of leadership style appropriate to chosen future position

2. Reference to relevant theory

3. Description of skills and attributes required for chosen position.

4. Rationale for why these skills and attributes are necessary in this role

5. Benchmarking (yourself) against a respected leader in such a position/leadership role



1.Comparison of your existing skills and skills required for future position

2. Description of skills which require development

3. Explanation of why the above skills need development in relation to the leadership style appropriate for the chosen role


Action Plan:

1. Description of a strategy/strategies for development of the required skills

2. Reason for choosing the strategy or strategies

3. Provision of a realistic time frame

4. Description of how success will be measured

5. Realistic description of resources needed

6. Realistic description of opportunities for development


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