HR Issue That an Organization Is Currently Facing


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HR issues that can influence the effectiveness of an organization

  • Managing employee turnover and retention
  • Working after office hours
  • Learning training and careers
  • Rewards and compensation
  • Diversity management


As a HR Advisor for the organisational committee you have been asked by the human resource management working group to prepare a committee briefing paper on a real HR issue that your organisation is currently facing in your workplace, or that you have faced in a recently past workplace, or an organisation that you know is facing a significant HR challenge. An audience is a group of departmental managers (non-HR professionals) who need to understand the implications of the issue on achieving strategic business objectives. The issue needs to be linked to workforce flexibility (e.g how does it help with attraction and retention).


Executive Summary ( You must focus on your recommendations to department managers)

• Introduction (A hook that interests the reader and outline of the report and the structure)
• Definitions of work flexibility, managing diversity and work-life balance and the associations between these concepts.
• Describe the implications of the real HR issue on achieving business objectives (using the literature, analysing how it would affect the organisation)
• Provide a convincing set of Human Resource Management recommendation/s.
• Provide a description of the challenges associated with the implementation of your recommendations and how they might be overcome.

This assignment is a briefing paper for an organisational working group, looking into work flexibility within your chosen organisation (i.e. one where you currently work or one with which you are very familiar). Alternatively, you may choose to focus on work flexibility in a professional or occupational group. You may work individually or in small groups of 2 or 3.   Submission information Weighting This assignment accounts for 55% of the assessment in this unit.


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