How organisattions can improve the effectiveness of employees in responding to business opportunities

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An assessment of management approaches to risk and uncertainty in decision-making


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You have seen a recruitment advertisement for the position of “Organisational Development Officer at a large organization in the City. Following your application, you have been shortlisted for interview and have been asked to complete a number of tasks to demonstrate

O your knowledge and understanding of effective leadership behavior,

O the impact of organizational structures and cultures on effectiveness

O how organizations can improve the effectiveness of employees in responding to business opportunities.


Activity 1

As part of the selection process, you have been asked to prepare a report to submit at your interview. In this report you must demonstrate your understanding of effective leadership behavior theory and leadership practice.

Your report must cover the following topics:

a) an evaluation of leadership theories

b) an evaluation of the impact of managerial styles on organizational effectiveness

c) an analysis of how motivational theory can inform employee motivation

d) an analysis of theories relating to work relationships and interaction


Activity 2

You have been asked to give a presentation for the interview panel to demonstrate your understanding of the impact of organizational structures and cultures on the effectiveness of the organization.

Your presentation must cover the following topics.

o an analysis of the characteristics of different organizational structures

o evaluate the importance of organizational culture theory in developing organizational  effectiveness

You Will need to produce your notes for the presentation and have appropriate  hand-outs for the panel detailing the topics covered.

To support your presentation, the panel have requested an information booklet, which must cover the following topics:

o an analysis of how organizations can facilitate innovation and Creativity

o an assessment of the importance of learning in organizations

o an evaluation of effectiveness of team working

o an analysis of the effective management of change in organizations


Activity 3

Following your interview, the panel have found it difficult to select one applicant and have asked you to complete a final selection task applied to a specific organization of your choice. You must Create an information pack which demonstrates your understanding of how the Organisation can improve employee effectiveness to respond to business opportunities.

Your information pack must include:

o an analysis of the culture and structure of the chosen organization, including an evaluation of how they impact on its effectiveness


Activity 4

Congratulations – you have been selected as the new Organisational Development Officer. One of your first tasks is to evaluate the effectiveness of organizational decision making.Your line manager has asked you for a report.

Your report must include:

o an analysis of different approaches to organizational decision-making

o an assessment of management approaches to risk and uncertainty in decision-making


Following your preparatory work, your manager would like you to apply your understanding by including in your report:

o an evaluation of the effectiveness of organizational decisions in an organization of your choice.

Your report should be informative and well presented.


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