How might you discuss the changes in the mentoring relationship and make adjustments to the relationship

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How would you celebrate the end of your formal relationship with William?


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1.What would Babita do if she felt that Renee was not supporting her adequately and the mentor and mentoree relationship was not functioning positively?

a.How would Renee and Babita review their mentoring relationship and document their reflections? Who else might give feedback?

b.If you were setting goals for Babita (Using SMART) document 3 goals that you think would be achievable for Babita over the year?


Element 2: Offer mentoring support

Scenario: William is your mentoree. He is working on the following goal: To be able to complete the end of the day cleaning checklist, disinfect the toys (from the Baby room) and complete the Centre lock up procedure each night.

1.In supporting William:

a.What process would you follow to support William so that he can confidently achieve this goal? Explain your process. What will you say and what resources could you use.

b.What personal knowledge and experiences could you share with William so that he feels more confident in achieving his goals?

c.How would you make sure that William retains responsibility for achieving his goal? Explain how?

d.How would you celebrate the end of your formal relationship with William?

e.If William had enjoyed your Formal mentoring relationship with you, how could you go about adjusting your relationship to a more informal mentoring role?


2.How would manage if your Formal Mentoring role with William was breaking down? What might be the signs that the relationship is breaking down? What might you do to help fix the issue/s?


3.Scenario: Jennifer is a new staff member at your Centre. She has worked in child care for 20 years and she has always worked with Children in the Kindy room and has a lot of experience with pre-schoolers. She has just won a position in the babies’ room. You have been asked to mentor her and help her achieve her goals regarding attachment theory and knowledge around primary caregiving practices as you have been team leader of the babies’ room for the last 5 years. Jennifer has more overall experience than you do in a child care setting and has three small children of her own.

a.List five points of knowledge and skills that you think Jennifer might want to know more about to assist her in her new role in the babies’ room.

b.For each of the points you have listed, identify ways that Jennifer could learn more about these areas. Where might see access professional development, training or reading?

c.How might you share your personal experiences with her that would give her an insight into working with young babies? Document the information you might share?

d.Part of your role is to help Jennifer to achieve her goals. What strategies would you use to help Jennifer identify and evaluate her goals?

e.How might you encourage Jennifer to make decisions about her course of action?


After four months Jennifer is feeling confident, comfortable and happy in her new role.

f.How might you discuss the changes in the mentoring relationship and make adjustments to the relationship?



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