How Important is Civilian Control of the Military in a Democratic Environment?


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Impacts of climate change on the instances of government corruption


Module 8

How important is civilian control of the military in a democratic environment?


Position Paper 8

Briefly, consider the impact that climate change will have upon incidents of government corruption. Provide and defend some likely scenarios.


Reflective Journal 8

Another goal of this course is to help you become a participating citizen in a democratic society. In order to effectively participate, you have to not only learn about the issues facing democracy, but you have to show personal development in your understanding of these issues.

For the Reflective Journal assignment, you will need to take one of the Objectives listed for this module and show evidence of your ability to not only comprehend the significance of that objective but also how you are personally impacted by that objective. For example, how do you expect the American democracy to change over the next twenty years? Why? Finally, relate your thoughts to the Saint Leo core value of integrity.


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