How Does the Situation Facing Peter Constitute an Ethical Dilemma?


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  • Ethical dilemma in the case
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Assignment One: Ethical Dilemmas

Purpose: To demonstrate your understanding and application of the ethical dimension of business decision making.

Write an essay, excluding references, that answers the following questions:

How does the situation facing Peter constitute an ethical dilemma?

Discuss two ethical theories (discussed in Lectures) and explain their relevance to this situation. You also need to provide suggestions to Peter, the director of CPM based on your learning.

To Say or Not To Say

Peter is the director of CPM, a small size financial services company located in Auckland. Sarah, a former employee who was fired due to poor quality work, absences, and lateness related to her drinking problem, informs Peter that she has applied for a position at another company and has already given Peter’s name as a reference. Sarah desperately needs a job as she is a single parent with three children, and she asks Peter to give her a good recommendation and no


Peter to give her a good recommendation and not mention her drinking, which she assures Peter is now under control.

Sarah also asks Peter to say that she voluntarily left the company to address a family medical crisis, and that the company was pleased with her work. Peter likes Sarah and believes she would be a good worker when she is not drinking. However, Peter doubts that Sarah really has overcome her drinking problem and he would not recommend his own company, CPM to rehire her.

Now Peter wonders what to do.


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