How do You Personally View These Two Components of Employment Law?


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It can be said that equal employment opportunity (EEO) is focused on ensuring that all employees are operating on a level playing field, while affirmative action (AA) is focused on creating an un-level playing field, thereby intentionally and proactively giving those employees that are members of underrepresented protective classes an advantage relative to employment-related decisions (i.e., hiring, training, promotions). What is your response to this statement? How do you personally view these two components of employment law? How do the concepts of higher-level leadership and holistic executive development apply to this discussion?


As a manager of a diverse workforce with multiple religions, cultures, and ethnic groups represented, how would you ensure that Society of Human Resource Management’s core value of fairness and justice is not violated in the workplace?


“EEO and AA are not necessary in today’s evolved organizational climate.”

Evaluate this statement. Do you agree or disagree? Why?


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