How did the Change in the Weight of the Bob Affect the Resulting Period and Frequency?


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List the sources for errors in your experiment.


Pendulum and the Calculation of g





A. How did the change in the weight of the bob affect the resulting period and frequency?

B. How did the change in amplitude affect the resulting period and frequency of a pendulum?

C. How did the change in length of the pendulum affect the period and frequency?

E. Calculate average value for g using the values from the table 3. Using the accepted value of g=9.8m/s², calculate the % error.

F. List the sources for errors in your experiment.


Hooke’s Law

Record the cumulative stretch ( elongation) for one spring . Make sure you don’t stretch the spring beyond the elasticity limits.


Calculations and Analysis:

1. Plot the Force (y-axis) vs elongation (x-axis) on a computer spreadsheet or on piece of paper. Insert the graph (Excel or picture) in the space below:

2. Find the spring constant for the spring in Newton/meters from the slope the graph. (Refer to the Excel tutorial in the Introduction section or/and read ecampus instructions. k=

3. A student measured 15s for the 20 complete oscillations for an object of 200g attached at the free end of a spring. Calculate the period of oscillation (T) and the spring constant (k). Write the equation used and then the numerical values.

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