How could school financing be modified to provide more equal funding among all regions of a state


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Discuss sources of value loss to your property from the contamination


1i. Assume that you own a small apartment building close to a major commercial street and a service station. You learn that there has been a major leak of underground storage tanks from the service station, and the gasoline has spread onto and below the surface of your property. Discuss sources of value loss to your property from the contamination.


1ii. Zoning is an exercise of which type of general limitation on property rights?

a.Eminent domain.


c.Police power.


e.All of the above.


2ii. A comprehensive plan usually deals with which of the following elements?

a.Land uses.


c.Public services.

d.Natural resources.

e.All of the above.


3i.A medium-size city has proposed to build a “greenway” along a creek that flows through the center of the city. The city wants to clear a strip about 50 feet wide and construct a paved path for bicycles and foot traffic (walkers and joggers). Proponents claim that it would be a highly desirable recreational facility for the community, while a very vocal and insistent group of opponents claims that it would degrade the environment and open properties along the creek to undesirable users and influences.

Identify some specific positive and negative aspects of the proposal. Would you be in favor of the proposal, if you lived in the city? Would it make a difference if you lived along the creek?


3ii. Property taxes are a main source of revenue for:

a.The federal government.

b.School districts.

c.Local governments.

d.State governments.

e.Both local governments and school districts.


4ii. The authority for approving site plans for large projects ultimately rests with the:

a.The elected governing commission or council.

b.Mayor or city manager.

c.Planning board or commission.

d.Planning board or commission staff.

e.Zoning review board.


5i. Do you believe that the owners of properties contaminated by events that occur on another property (e.g., gasoline leakage or spills) should be responsible for cleaning up their properties? Why or why not? If not, who should pay for the cleanup?


5ii.The most accurate conclusion about the regressivity of the property tax is that it is:


b.Not regressive.

c.Based on ability to pay.

d.Regressive, but when benefits are considered, the net result is not regressive.

e.Not regressive until the benefits are considered.


6i. The property tax has been criticized as an unfair basis for financing public schools. Areas that have high property values are able to pay for better schools than areas having lower property values. Thus, there is an inequality of educational opportunities that tends to perpetuate educational and social disadvantages for those who live in low-income areas.

a.Do you agree or disagree?

b.How could school financing be modified to provide more equal funding among all regions of a state?


6ii. Traditional land use controls (pre-1970) include:


b.Building codes.

c.Subdivision regulations.

d.a and b, but not c.

e.All three: a, b, and c.


7i. A property owner who owes 8 mills in school taxes, 10 mills in city taxes, and 5 mills in county taxes and who qualifies for a $25,000 homestead exemption would owe how much tax on a property assessed at $80,000?


7ii. Radon gas is:

a.A naturally occurring result of geologic activity.

b.A relatively recent phenomenon caused by the earth’s warming.

c.Important only in the western United States.

d.Controllable by soil treatment.

e.Regarded as a nuisance but not a health hazard.


8.New urbanism is a term used to describe:

a.Growth management laws enacted by state governments.

b.Improvement of transportation systems to encourage dispersion of a city’s population.

c.The requirement that infrastructure be available concurrently with new development.

d.The theory that residential and commercial uses should be integrated, streets and parking should discourage through traffic, and neighborhoods should be pedestrian oriented.

e.The trend for the construction of self-sufficient “new towns.”


9.Elements of traditional zoning include all except:

a.Performance standards.

b.Setback requirements.

c.Bulk limits.

d.Land use categories.

e.Provision for special use districts.


10. Externalities in land use include all except:

a.Leap-frog development.

b.Increase storm runoff from paving.

c.Traffic congestion.

d.Inability to judge the quality of a structure, once built.

e.Noise created by a land use.

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