How can an Organisation Utilise an Opinion Leader to Influence Consumer Attitudes or Behaviour?


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Explain and describe the concept of Targeting?



The purpose of this assessment is to:

• enhance and assess your knowledge and understanding of the theories, concepts and techniques discussed in the course.

• demonstrate skills in applying and analysing concepts to real life situations within your own context.

Question 1


a) How has the brand of Coca-Cola evolved over the last 40 years?

b) You must prepare a presentation. The topic is; ‘Why is Brand Awareness Important’ You must choose a brand and relate this to the topic.


Question 2

Buyer Behaviour

a) Explain the concept of buyer behaviour and why it is important for organisations to understand the process.

b) Identify and explain each stage of the buyer decision-making process. Use an example from your own shopping experience to support your answer. Match each stage of the buyer decision-making process with an example from your shopping experience. For example buying a car or smartphone.

c) Provide an explanation of the concepts of ‘level of involvement’ and ‘perceived risk’.

d) Explain how a person’s culture can influence their buying decision-making processes.

e)How can an organisation utilise an opinion leader to influence consumer attitudes or behaviour?

• Explain the role of an opinion leader

• Give an example of an opinion leader that is used in a promotional activity


Question 3


a) Explain the concept of Market Segmentation?

b) You have a younger sister, she has seen your marketing notes. She asks you“What’s Behavioural Segmentation?”

Explain the concept of behavioural segmentation (including at least TWO variables) in simple language and provide relevant examples.


Question 4


a) Explain and describe the concept of Targeting?

b) You are the Marketing Manager for a new company that has developed a range of fruit drinks made from Gold Kiwifruit.

Provide an explanation for each of the following target marketing strategies, and describe how the marketing mix (The 4 P’s) would change for each target market strategy for the above-mentioned product.

• Undifferentiated Marketing

• A Differentiated Marketing


Question 5


a) Explain the concept of Positioning?

b) Describe the concept of competitive advantage?

c) Perceptual maps provide valuable insights to a marketing professional. They help us to understand the competitive environment in which they compete.

  • Explain how organisations use perceptual maps in developing their positioning strategies?


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