Health Systems Issues and Management


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Insurance plan are not completely covering the Chronic Diseases


Discuss a specific Healthcare System. Identify and Define an issue in this System at the management level and the challenges, problems, situations, and opportunities that led to the proposed project, and its impact to the organisation’s strategic plan.

All key elements of the assignment are covered with an introduction and provide sufficient background on the topic and previews major points to include a thesis sentence.

Paper includes:

a. State why this issue selected by the student.

b. Relate issue to healthcare management with literature review, statistical findings and why the issue is important to Senior Management of the chosen Healthcare System.

c. How does the issue impact the chosen healthcare system to include:

  • Healthcare policy on the issue. Must cite and discuss a minimal of two specific policies on the issue.
  • Implications on future healthcare practice and policy on the chosen System using the chosen two policies.
  • Discuss the Change Process for Senior Management to make a change that would impact your issue. Select one of the following for the discussion: 1) To solve a problem 2) To improve efficiency 3) To reduce unnecessary workload

Incorporation of Quality and Safety Education in Nursing: QSEN and relate its principles to the issue discussed for your chosen system.


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