Gender Distribution of Grocery Store Customers


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An experiment involving decision making and decision-analytic tools.


Group Project; One group project relevant to the course is required. This project can be a written paper and group presentation (for on-ground) made during the last week of class.

The Decision Models term project is fairly flexible in terms of the types of projects that are acceptable. You may come up with your own project topic or choose from a list of topics in the separate document. In either case, the project topic must be approved by the professor. Each group is expected to prepare a full report that addresses all area noted in Appendix I. At the discretion of the instructor, this may include a short PowerPoint or Prezi presentation to the class reporting on their project (18minutes including Q&A), and writing a paper. Each group must submit files containing all of their project-related materials (e.g. Excel files, PowerPoint presentation files, Word files). Sample topics include:

  • Conduct an analysis of a real decision problem (personal or managerial) that you are familiar with.
  • An analysis of an important decision problem (again, real) “in the public domain”.
  • An experiment involving decision making and decision-analytic tools.


A Research Proposal for instructor approval that includes your main variables, any control variables, how they are labeled, what your value ranges are, your specific data source and your tentative research question.

Final Report

As mentioned earlier, this project can be written report, a PowerPoint presentation, or a combination of the two. Regardless of the form the presentation takes, it Must Include the Following Areas:

  • Introduction- What was your project? Why did you choose the topic? What was the main research question?
  • Data- What was your data source? What dates did it cover? What was the web site you obtained it from? What variables did you include? Identify all dependent and independent What were their values and what do those values signify?
  • Descriptive Statistics- for your primary variables, be sure to include Table 1 below (you can cut and paste it into your document if you like).
  • Graph as appropriate- scatterplot, histogram, pie chart, etc.
  • Testing Conclusion- Wrap up your report in a concise manner. Clearly state what you learned from the results and any potential shortcomings of your analysis.

You have to do a project involving “gender distribution of grocery store customers”.

You will have to expand on this idea and interject some originality based on the requirements for the project. Basically, you have to suggest decision variables that could affect the gender distribution of grocery store customers.

I’m giving you the idea in regards to how does gender distribution of grocery store customers depend on and you fill in the blanks on that while including ideas as noted in one of the attachments which is an e-mail that says focusing on studies, research, etc.

Moreover, when doing this project you will also create Microsoft PowerPoint version of it, too. Title PowerPoint presentation “Gender Distribution of Grocery Store Customers” or give it another title as fits with the project based on your own good judgment. Please use no more than 3 sources and least a minimum of 2 sources. One of the sources must be the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

You are free to use internet sources but make sure it’s valid sources to be suffice for this project. Remember, you are creating two versions of this project; a written report and a Microsoft PowerPoint.


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