Family Members should be Allowed to Overturn Their Deceased Relatives’ Wishes on Organ Donation


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Debate  Assignment



Debate Topic

Family members should be allowed to overturn their deceased relatives’ wishes on organ donation.

Debate topics and assessment resources:

Students need to review the assessment descriptor in the unit outline and also the marking guide to ascertain what is required for this Assessment #2 Debate.

In addition to the references listed below, students are to review their elective eModules and eLectures for further research. It is also important that students show evidence of self-directed research in addition to references provided in this document and also the electives for this assessment task.

It is appropriate that in this unit students can access readings and research that is dated older than the normal five years of publication that is usually required in your other health sciences units. As a guide to how many resources to use in assessments, at an undergraduate level you should try to access at least x2 relevant academic references that relate to your topic for every 10% worth of academic weighting for an assessment. Therefore for the debate, as it is weighted 35% you should access and incorporate approx 8 such references per student to provide evidence that you have undertaken adequate research on this topic for assessment.


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