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Discuss how the General environment impacts on one of your chosen organisations


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Learning Outcome1 : key element a and b,and c

Learning Outcome2 : key element a,b and c

Learning Outcome3 : key element a and b


Q1)All organisations are established for a reason, and all need income to function. The ability to generate sufficient income to cover expenses and maintain activities allows the organisation to continue its existence. However, making a profit is not the reason for the organisation to exist, nor is it the purpose of the organisation.

Reasons for organisations to exist may be classed as either


b)Economic or



Select three organisations and explain how they can be classified as one of the above list.Each organisation must cover a different reason.



Q2)For one of your selected organisations explain how a manager or managers fulfil Mintzberg’s Managerial roles, refer to table 1.1 of the textbook.  Please note there are three categories of roles and 10 roles to explain.



Q3)Using one of the organisations you identified earlier discuss how this organisation displays examples of efficiency and effectiveness.




a)Discuss how the General environment impacts on one of your chosen organisations. (see q 1)


b) Discuss how the Specific environment also impacts this organisation.



Q5)The efficiency and effectiveness of an organisation can be affected by the manner in which resources are used and the culture of the organisation. For one of your chosen organisations discuss its culture and the resources it has available within the organisation.



Q6)Discuss how your organisations use either or both task focused and people focused approaches (To answer this question read the History Module after Chapter 1 in your textbook)



Q7)For one of your chosen organisations select a problem it faces and demonstrate the use of the decision-making problem-solving steps.



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