Explain How the Development of Core Skills Enhances Employability


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What are the Critical Core Skills?

As a graduate, making yourself as ‘attractive’ to an employer is going to be key in achieving your career goals.  In these terms being ‘attractive’ means being employable.  In this unit we consider exactly what core skills make graduates more employable and begin to consider how you can plan to develop those all important skills.

In this unit we shall:

  • Identify the core skills currently in demand in the UK labour market
  • Explain how the development of core skills enhances employability

On completion of this unit you will be able to:

  • Describe how core skills contribute to the development of your own employability

Even if you have yet to really make a decision around your ideal graduate position this is a valuable opportunity to gather some data about an area of interest to you which may lead to some interesting insights! Either way, we are not going to hold you to any position you chose to research at this stage!!

Consider how/where you are going to identify those CRITICAL core/employability skills rather than basing your knowledge of this on anecdotal evidence or assumption.

We look forward to learning about a whole range of different sectors through this discussion.

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You need to do reply posting in a similar manner done by  Laura. You can address to Laura or jayne as you feel like. 

Initial posting done by Jayne Newton under topic Networking

Networking is a crucial element of employability.  This must come under the heading of a soft skill, as it is something that is difficult to quantify. However the necessity of being able to network effectively cannot be underestimated.  Gaining the interest of perspective employers is tricky, but with the advances of social media, networking has never been easier. Web sites such as linked in are valuable places to showcase your skills and experience. Swan, G (2012) from the Guardian has a view that ‘Using social media professionally could boost employability chances in this tough economic climate’ this clearly demonstrates the need for graduates to explore all ways to communicate who they are and what they can do.

I need to consider myself as a brand that needs to be marketed to the employer. I need to find ways to stand out from the crowd and be more attractive as an employee. Deena’s initial post states that ‘In previous employment I have worked on projects from start to end, written newsletters, press releases, recruited volunteers and mentored them whilst placing them in suitable roles that assist a project’ Naish, (2015). Does Deena know how to market these skills to get the position she really wants today?

We as a group can benefit from learning how to become a brand. Self- efficacy suggests that this is all in our own hands by ‘investing in their human capital skills and reputation {…} engage in continuous learning and development’ (Beardwell and Thompson 2014: 226) I agree that reflection is key and self-belief is a must to progress. After being told that I undersell myself at most of my PDR’s, I decided to change this perception of me. I have improved my networking over five years by being confident and approachable. I am not shy about promoting my achievements to the right people.

Does anyone have any examples of how to brand their skills?

Reply post by Laura

Hi Jayne,

Thank you for your interesting contribution, I too agree networking is very important when trying to climb the career ladder – after all, (apparently) it’s not what you know but who you know.

Glen Llopis of Forbes suggested “every time you are in a meeting, at a conference, networking reception or other event, you should be mindful of what others are experiencing about you and what you want others to experience about you. Each of these engagements is similar to a job interview – expect in these cases you are being evaluated by your peers.  Those who know how to live and manage their personal brand will earn their respect in any situation.”

I feel absolutely projecting yourself as positively as possible helps in any situation. Perfecting your appearance, handshake and professionalism in order to create a good first impression could be a crucial part of impacting when it comes to networking. “First impressions are the fundamental drivers of our relationships,” says Professor Frank Bernieri of Oregon State University “In a sense, it’s a little like the principle of chaos theory, where the initial conditions can have a profound impact on the eventual outcome. A first impression is your initial condition for analyzing another human being.”  If a good first impression isn’t made by someone hoping to brand their skills in the way of networking does not make a good first impression, it is extremely likely they wont get very far. For me I feel the key aspects of making a good first impression and creating a good bond/interpersonal relationship with a possible future client include;

  • A firm handshake
  • Good eye contact
  • The use of the person’s name you’re trying to impress
  • Clean and smart personal appearance
  • Show an interest in the person you’re trying to impress
  • Be polite, friendly and kind
  • Show confidence but never come across arrogant or boastful

Does anyone have any more key points that could contribute to a successful first impression?


Reply posting.  You need to reply to Deena after reading the initial posting of Deena 

Initial post by Deena


Initial Post

In my quest for my ideal post-graduate job I find I am currently treading water while acquiring new skills and methods of learning and accumulating invaluable work experience and knowledge in the process.


I have strong administration and communication skills and enjoy working in a team environment as well as having my own responsibilities and leading a project or new developments within my work setting. I recently had to raise the bar in my workplace to meet extra demand and staff shortages which meant approaching my work differently with surprisingly good results, so leadership and quick thinking was required and achieved. My employers have taken the time to recognise this, and I believe, see that I am now contributing fully to the daily activities of the running of the business.


Any change in your work pattern that presents huge challenges that you can meet is a measure of your confidence in a given situation. I would therefore ideally be suited to running my own department within a team setting whilst having the ability to create new systems and procedures and mentoring new recruits. I seem to have a natural ability to teach new people how to do a job role as well as promoting work in a positive and encouraging way.


In previous employment I have worked on projects from start to end, written newsletters, press releases, recruited volunteers and mentored them whilst placing them in suitable roles that assist a project. I am not sure how all that would work within an HR setting as it is a completely different sector but perhaps the mentoring, new recruit angle might work

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