Explain how CSR policy will impact on our business performance

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A description of the background and changing attitudes to CSR


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You work for a well-known sports manufacturer. Your company has recently received a lot of bad publicity because of investigations and reports in the press about human rights and conditions for workers in factories used by the company. Workers have reported abuse, low wages and poor physical working environments. The company manufactures in Mexico, China, Taiwan and South Korea. There is a code of conduct for suppliers but no means of
ensuring it is adhered to. This issue has caused the company to consider other corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues such as carbon neutrality and recycling. It has become apparent to senior managers that a CSR policy is needed but the Board must be convinced of this. You have been asked to put together a persuasive case for introducing a CSR policy, which the senior management team will consider at their next meeting before producing a final draft for the Board. You will present your arguments in the form of a report.

Task 1

Carry out research and produce an explanatory report for the senior management team which covers the following:

1.a definition of CSR 1.1

2.a description of the background and changing attitudes to CSR 1.2

3.a description of the regulatory framework for CSR 1.3

4.an explanation of environmental issues in CSR 1.4

5.an explanation of economic and political issues in CSR 1.5

6.an explanation of social and community issues in CSR 1.6.


Task 2

Following submission of your report, the senior management team wish to explore the issues further. They invite you to a discussion where you are presented with a series of topics/questions. Prepare detailed answers to them questions/topics and be prepared to present any or all of your responses verbally or in writing.

1. Assess the benefits of CSR to our employees 2.1

2. Please give us an analysis of the impact of CSR on our supply chain 2.2

3. Explain how CSR policy will impact on our business performance 2.3

4. Explain how CSR will impact on our marketing strategy 2.4

5. Assess the conflicts which might occur when we try to satisfy the needs and expectations of different stakeholders through CSR 2.5.

This assignment covers assessment criteria 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4,3.4 and 2.5 A bibliography must be attached.


Task 3


Following the meeting with senior managers the report was submitted to the Board of Directors, who accepted the recommendation that a CSR policy be developed. The Board Instructed the senior managers to produce a draft policy for consultation. Their approach is to initially review the CSR policy of a similar company, i.e. another sports manufacturer and they have delegated this task to you.

Task 1

Choose a sports manufacturer and review its CSR policy. Present your findings in detailed notes.

Include in the notes an assessment of the extent of voluntarism in the CSR policy.

A bibliography must be attached.



The policy has been produced and has gone out for consultation. there has been some negattive feedback  from stakeholders. recommend changes in the form of detailed notes which meet the needs of the following  stakeholder groups:

* suppliers

* customers.






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