Explain how an awareness of learning style can aid personal development

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Explain the principles of effective communication


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P1- Explain the personal attributes valued by employers

P2- Explain the principles of effective communication

P3- Discuss potential barriers to effective communication

P4- Demonstrate a range of effective interpersonal skills

P5- Use IT to aid communications

M1- Explain mechanisms that can reduce the impact of communication barriers

M3- Explain how an awareness of learning style can aid personal development.


Purpose of this assignment;  to demonstrate an understanding of personal attributes valued by employers, principles of effective communication, barriers to effective e communication, identify interpersonal skills, use IT to aid communication, explain mechanisms to reduce communication barriers and explain how an awareness of learning styles can aid personal development.



You are a Junior Careers Adviser for IT personnel.  Your manager has asked you to produce some materials to give out to students at the Careers Fair.  The same information will be uploaded to the Internet.


Task 1 – Explain the personal attributes valued by employers

Your first task is to create a poster to advise students on personal attributes that employers look for in employees. Some examples are:

  • Technical knowledge
  • General skills
  • Personal qualities and attitudes
  • Good working procedures

Using the template provided, identify some examples from each category and explain why they are valued by employers.  Feel free to add a background / images to the document to enhance the content but not replace it.

This provides evidence for P1


Task 2 – Explain the principles of effective communication

For this task you will create a PowerPoint presentation on the principles of ‘effective communication’ that can run continuously on the stand at the careers fair.   You will need to include at least three points from each of the three following areas; general skills; interpersonal skills and written communicational skills. 

To check the presentation’s suitability before it goes live at the fair, your manager has asked you present it to a colleague with a view of getting constructive feedback from them. (part P5)

This provides evidence for P2 & part P5


Task 3 – Discuss potential barriers to effective communication 

This task requires you to comment on ‘barriers to communication’, and produce a Word processed report (with headings) discussing a minimum of 5 different barriers.  You will need to name the barrier and explain why you believe it is a barrier.

This provides evidence for P3


Task 4 – Demonstrate a range of effective interpersonal skills (Part P4)

This task requires you to take part in a face to face discussion with a small group of peers.

Your manager has been approached by the local careers office and has agreed to gather information about “How ICT Has Affected Society”.  Your role in this task is to discuss this subject with a small group of your peers. You will make notes as the discussion progresses.  These notes will be collected and handed over to your manager to be collated into a leaflet at a later date that the careers office will give out to students looking for employment advice.

The evidence will come from the notes that you make and the observation statement provided by your tutor.

This provides evidence for Part P4


Task 5 –  Use IT to aid communications 

A further task that you are requested to complete is to create a Blog to record the ‘barriers to communication’ that you identified in task 3.    You will copy your work from Task 3 and paste it into your blog.   As evidence that you have used a blog, you will produce a hard copy printout of your posting.

A second piece of evidence which will be credited to P5 is the PowerPoint feedback form that you used in task 2 when you presented the slideshow to your peer ‘buddy’.

This provides evidence for P5


Task 6 – Explain mechanisms that can reduce the impact of communication barriers

For this task you are required to add further information to task 3 (P3), explaining ways in which the impact of the barriers you previously identified could be reduced.   You must include what measures you could put in place and explain how and why these methods may work.

This provides evidence for M1


Task 7 – Explain how an awareness of learning style can aid personal development

The final task follows on from your discovery of what type of learner you are from the learning styles quiz on Promonitor.  You are required to produce a document explaining how knowing your preferred learning style can help you to reach your goals more effectively and aid personal development.  Include the following:

  • Complete the learning styles questionnaire on pro-monitor
  • Screen print the results
  • Do you agree with the result – explain why you do or don’t
  • Describe how Visual Auditory & Kinaesthetic (VAK) learning styles can help people with their personal development.
  • Give examples of where you have learnt something using any of those techniques
  • Write a conclusion:
      • If you are aware of your preferred learning style how can you use that knowledge to improve your learning and make it more effective and how can this aid your personal development and career choice.



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