Explain and Compare the two different psychological theories by discussing their similarities and differences

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Explanation of social and biological factors that influence human behavior.


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You work as a senior career in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service(CAMHS).You have been asked by your line manager to help CAMHS new employees by providing different materials for enhancing their understanding of bio psychosocial factors that influence human behavior and development.


Task One (AC 1.1 and 1.2):Essay Writing

Life Stages and Psychological Theories

You have been asked to with an essay showing your understanding different theories of lifespan development.In the essay,you must compare and contrast different psychological theories of lifespan development such as: behavioral,cognitive,psychodynamic and humanistic.


In an essay:

1.1 Explain and Compare the two different psychological theories by discussing their similarities and differences

1.2 Explain how the two theories you have chosen are related to at least 2 different life stage by using examples.Your examples must be related to health social care contexts


Task Two(AC:2.1 and 2.2):

Social and Biological Determinants of Human Behaviour

You have been asked to produce a group presentation to brief and inform new employees of the social and the biological factors that determine human  behavior displayed in health and social care contexts.You should include reference to current, including updated biosocial findings in your presentation.


Your presentation must include;

2.1 Explanation of social and biological factors that influence human behavior.

2.2 Analysis of the important of social roles in the context of health and social care setting

Note: All group members need to produce evidence for their individual contribution to the group work.Evidence can be produced as notes/data collection.


Task Three (AC 3.1 ,3.2, 3.3,3.4 and 3.5) :An information Parklife Changes

At some time during our lives ew will all be affected by life events.These can be major life events that will change our view of life,or small change in our life that will affected daily living.

In Information Pack:

3.1 Choose one psychological theory and use it to analyse how a stressful life event can affected the life of that person.

You may choose to talk about one of the stressful events from the list below:

  • Being bullied at school
  • Father dying when still at school
  • Becoming a lone parent
  • Partner dying
  • Health problems during later adulthood
  • A boy is racially abused at school
  • A girl wants to marry outside her family’s religion
  • A 20-year old girl is badly scarred on her face in a car accident


3.2 Choose one behavior disturbance from the list below and explain it briefly.Then analyse psychological theories relate to that behavior disturbance.

Behaviour disturbance:attention deficit  disorders;autistic spectrum disorders;behaviors associated with addiction


3.3 Choose one mental health disorder from the list below and briefly explain it.Then analyse psychological theories informs understanding of that mental health disorders

Mental health disorder; neurosis; psychosis e.g depression ,schizophrenia; eating disorders e anorexia,bulimia


3.4 Choose any one behaviour change strategy from the list below and evaluate how applying it effect behaviour change in clients

Examples of behaviour change models and strategies are : health promotion; care strategies;coping strategies;avoidance theraphy (e,g. cognitive dissonance, denial,projection ,perception;compensation for loss of identity);advocacy; policies based on normalisation theory:agression and abuse policies.


3.5 Analyse how having the knowledge of psychological theories can improve your understanding of relationships in health and social care by using examples from criteria 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3


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