Evaluation of the Effectivness of the HR Fuction


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What are the main steps the company follows to implement the HR function?


Evaluation of the effectiveness of the HR function(give your evaluation, you have to compare the literature review and what the company is trying to achieve with respect to the HR function)
and the conclusion..

Group Project

Students will be required to work with 4 other class students on a semester-long project. This project is intended to provide you and your group an opportunity to thoroughly read and analyse the course material, demonstrate understanding of the course content as well as experience a "real life" case in human resource management principles and concepts.

Each HR practice will assigned to one group where as group members will explore, investigate, and analyze the HR practice of a Qatari based global organization.

Group members and project assignments will be identified during the third class. Group presentations will take place during the last four classes. If you fail to be present for all group & presentation (unless this absence is justified and documented) you will only receive 10% out of 20% of your group's grade. Evaluation will be based on the writing and oral presentation rubrics.

Group Project Overview

To complete this project, you need to investigate and analyse the usage of a particular HR function as well as the effectiveness of it in a particular Qatari global organisational setting.

Based on your research and analysis, you will be required to prepare both a class presentation and a written report. The purpose of your research and analysis is to determine the effectiveness of your chosen HR function in a particular company. The purpose of the class presentation is to communicate the results of your research and analysis to class members.

Group Project Outline

The basic structure of your report and it`s sequence should be as follows;

  • Table of Content
  • Introduction
  • Objective and importance of the study
  • Literature review on the HR function
  • Company overview & background
  • Analysis of the HR function
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the HR function
  • Recommendations on how to improve and enhance the HR function
  • Conclusion

Make sure that the following questions are answered in your report:

1. Describe the HR function within the context of the company you have chosen.

2. What are the main steps the company follows to implement the HR function?

3. What are the main tools/techniques used to implement the HR function?

4. Who is responsible for the developing and implementing plans for the HR function with the company?

5. Does the implementation of the HR function within the company help in improving the company`s overall performance?

6. What are you own recommendations to improve and enhance the HR function?

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