Evaluate the Business Opportunity Using an Environmental Analysis


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Environmental Analysis

Swot Analysis of EMR innovations


Evaluate the business opportunity using an environmental analysis (e.g.,the macro and micro environments or PESTEL or SWOT analysis )



Perform a market segmentation, decide on your target markets, and propose positioning strategies for the targeted segment(s).


Identify and evaluate options with respect to pricing, distribution, and marketing communications tactics (Marketing mix: the 4 P’s or the 4 C’s).


Do whatever financial analysis you deem necessary based on the data provided in the case.


Assessment Criteria

1. Introduction and clear identification of the main problem(s) in the case.

2. Analysis of the environment and its implications.

3. Through analysis of major issues: Marketing strategy (STP).The marketing mix).

4. Quality of financial analysis.

5. Quality of recommendations and conclusion.


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