Enterprise Resource Planning As An Effective Supply Chain Management Tool InThe Supermarket Industry


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Research Proposal

Preliminary Literature Review


Research Proposal

Explains how the report is structured, introduces key ideas/ issues, and how these issues will be addressed. States any assumptions or limitations. Makes reference to key ideas and issues. Sets out clear objectives to be achieved in the report.

Preliminary Literature Review

 The review needs to critical in nature, with synthesis of ideas, the answer well justified and supported with citations from recent journal articles and literature. The review should cover main findings; what is happening, why is it happening, key issues, trends and future directions, and any lessons for the theory and practice of the specific discipline area

Final Literature Review

The feedback from the preliminary literature review and presentation should be processed so that this final review provides evidence of an in-depth coverage and comprehension of the literature related to your topic. It is expected that there will be a high level of synthesis and critique of the relevant literature and business articles sourced in your research.

Implications, Conclusions & Recommendations:  Key themes are discussed, leading to realistic implications, recommendations and firm conclusions. This section should be a combination of the ideas not just a summary of points


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