EMS System for Three Phase Olive Oil Mills


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Environmental Management System (EMS) project Rationale: The course profile specifies that at the end of this course, students will be able to: 1. Analyse the root cause of existing or potential environmental hazards. 2. Design preventative and remedial solutions to manage environmental aspects and impacts. 3. Apply relevant ISO 14000 standards to create an effective Environmental Management System. This assessment item gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your achievement of these objectives. Description: This assessment item is an integrative, hands-on exercise that will run throughout the semester. During the first week, a case study will be introduced. We will use the case study throughout the semester to develop an Environmental Management System (EMS). Week 1: Introduction to the case Week 3: Develop an Environmental Policy Week 5: Develop Aspects and Impacts Register Week 7: Develop Significant Aspects Register Week 9: Develop Environmental Management Plan for selected Significant Aspects Week 11: Develop Environmental Management Plan for Selected Significant Aspects Week 12: Wrap up and identify opportunities for beyond compliance You are expected to further develop the work during the following week and add new items or improve on your draft. At the end of the semester, you will collate and organise your work into one EMS document and submit it for evaluation. Make sure to relate your work to the relevant ISO 14000 standards and the readings (Hint, your reflections on the readings will be of great help here when discussing relevant issues/components/challenges/opportunities …etc).



• Rationale

• What is your role

• Overview of the Case



Provide a chance to:

1- Demonstrate ability to source useful and relevant information

2- Relate theories to practice

3- Demonstrate ability to apply relevant standards to develop an EMS to a challenging situations

4- Go beyond compliance


What is your role?

– Source relevant and reliable information

– Understand the challenge you are dealing with

– Relate the reading material (theory) to the case (practice)

– Work in team (on campus) to develop a practical EMS


What are the major issues we are dealing with here?

What implications do the major issues, you identified, have on the environment?

What can be done to steer the issues into a favourable situation?



1. As a group research the different types of olive oil processing.

2. Select one type of olive mill (Traditional press, 2, 2.5 or 3 phase)**

3. Develop an EMS for the selected mill***.

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