Effort to Understand and Respect the Craft of Playwriting


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Cast of Characters


1.In an effort to understand and respect the craft of playwriting, sometimes it’s nice to learn a little about the writer. Think of your favourite film or play. Look up who the playwright/screen writer is through www.imdb.com (film) or www.ibdb.com (play). Research them a bit and share the following with the class: their training (if any), interesting biographical details, any links between their life and their work, other works of note. Were you surprised by any of this information?

2.For this assignment,you are the playwright!

You will write a three-page play with the following criteria:

i)Use only two characters. Make sure the protagonist/antagonist relationship is clear. With only two characters, this should be easy to do.

ii)Follow PASTO. Make sure every element is represented. ( Google PASTO in theatres)


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