Do a Presentation on Bach Brandenburg Concerto


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Description of how several musical elements are treated in the music selection


1. Title of the piece of music and composer/performer, including very brief biographical/historical information as it relates to this particular piece of music (no more than 1 slide). For Performance Review: date and place of performance, name of performer(s) or group and very brief biographical/historical information as it relates to this performance (no more than 1 slide).


2.Style identification, definition, and characteristics (should be 1 slide, but no more than 2 slides)


3.Description of how several musical elements are treated in the music selection and how this treatment conforms to the style characteristics (should be 1-2 slides, but no more than 3 slides). For Performance Review: Include connection to course learning with explanation and evidence.


4.Outstanding Elements Identification and explanation of the significant or unifying elements (no more than 1 slide). For Performance Review: Identification of favorite piece(s) and why, including a supporting explanation with musical evidence.


5.A musical excerpt should be planned to demonstrate your description of the piece – it should not be more than one minute or so. You will want to tell us what we can expect to hear in the excerpt – such as the treatment of a particular significant element, or to highlight the form, etc. (1 slide). For Performance Review, this item is not necessary.

If your recording is on a CD, it can be played from my player. If it is a mp3 on a flash drive, it can be assessed through the classroom computer.


6.References should be included if any of your information, explanations, descriptions are borrowed from sources other than your own personal knowledge (this does not need to be read in class, just provided on a slide if you do the ppt — no more than 1 slide at the end). To document on a slide a source of information, put it in small font at the bottom of the slide (see sample).


7.If corrections or other suggestions have been made to your critique paper, you are encouraged to incorporate those into your presentation.


8.You do not need to get more sources, or otherwise expand upon your paper, UNLESS it is necessary to correct deficiencies or errors that were brought to your attention in the grading of the paper.


9.You do not need to use complete sentences – just be clear and concise, using appropriate terminology and correct spelling.  Your actual presentation (speaking to the class), of course will be using complete sentences – it is how we speak.


10.KEEP IT SIMPLE – do not spend time on fancy animations or graphics unless they are particularly pertinent to the piece of music.


The grading of the presentation will include these categories (each worth 5 points):

1.Assignment submitted in appropriate format; within slide and time limits; recording in accordance with guidelines

2.Provided title, composer/performer information (MC) / Date, place, performer information (PR)

3.Used conventional language of music terminology appropriately

4.Discussed the style and its characteristics

5.Accurately discussed the use of musical elements within the style as they apply to the piece of music

6.Highlighted significant and/or unifying elements of musical work (MC) / Connected to course learning, including musical evidence (PR)

7.Selected appropriate and representative excerpt of musical work, including explanation of what to listen for (MC) / Identified favorite piece(s) with explanation of why with musical evidence (PR).


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