Discusses the Difference Between Implicit Attitudes and Explicit Attitudes


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What are the implications of the research described in the article?


Response Assignment: Rudman article (attached), movie “Fruitvale Station”,and Steven’s lecture (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2tOp7OxyQ8)

Answer all parts of all of the questions below.

1. In the article, “Sources of Implicit Attitudes,” Laurie Rudman discusses the difference between implicit attitudes and explicit attitudes. How are these distinguished (simply in terms of definition)?


2. The article mentions that implicit attitudes may derive from early experiences, affective experiences, cultural biases, and/or cognitive consistency principles. Choose any TWO of these, and describe how they might contribute to the formation of implicit attitudes. BE SURE TO CITE EXAMPLES/ RESEARCH EVIDENCE.


3. In the article, Dr. Rudman discussed the most commonly used tool for measuring implicit attitudes, known as the IAT (Implicit Attitudes Test). Go to the following website: https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/selectatest.html
Find and click on Race IAT.
Directions for completing the test are given.
This website will also provide you with your results. Feel free to share them if you are comfortable doing so. Whether you share your results or not, what is your opinion of this assessment? Do you believe the IAT was an accurate measurement of your attitude?
( Just for your info, I’m white, 18 y.o. male, freshman in college, liberal. Doesn’t matter for me what race the person is as long as a good person)


4. Based on what Laurie Rudman describes, and on what you found from the IAT test you took for #3, do you think that prejudice and discrimination result primarily from implicit, uncontrolled attitudes? Or do you think that discrimination is more intentional and controlled (i.e., explicit)?


5. What are the implications of the research described in the article? That is, what should we take away from Laurie Rudman’s points/ why should we care? BE SPECIFIC, CITING CONCEPTS FROM THE ARTICLE.


6. The film “Fruitvale Station” was based on a true event. Discuss your reactions to this event and to others like it that have been occurring around the country recently (e.g., Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, etc.).


7. Based on the article, movie, the Bryan Stevenson lecture, do you believe that we have moved beyond the era of prejudice and discrimination? Why or why not? BE SURE TO CITE EXAMPLES!


8. Based on the article, movie, the Bryan Stevenson lecture, what are some ways that we can IMPROVE the experience of those who may experience discrimination based on their race in our country? BE SURE TO CITE EXAMPLES!


9. If you were a parent, what lessons could you take from the article, movie, the Bryan Stevenson lecture that you could pass on to your children? In other words, can you simplify what you have taken from them, and put it in terms that might help a child to grow up in/ help create a world that is more accepting of those from all different racial backgrounds?

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