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Select two movies(Bollywood) 
You will want to pick movies that you know and have seen a billion times because you’ll be watching it now from the perspective of a videographer and not an audience member. You’ll also select two youth branded pieces of entertainment and discuss what you think is the attraction of these programs to the youth viewing audience.

What to look for:
Because acting and high-end special effects aren’t really something we have access to, we will need to focus on production elements that you think we could actually use in our own videos.

Such as:
The plot – use of cognitive dissonance
The type and quality of music
The colors used in the scene
The frequency of change of camera angles or “cuts”
(A “cut” is any time the camera stops and then starts again in a different angle)
Types of camera angles
Types of moving shots – (Tracking, pan, drop-in)
Shot composition – Rule of thirds
(Did it’s use or nonuse affect your attention?)
Costuming or the sets / shot locations


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