Discuss the Politics and Ideologies Underpinning ‘Behaviourist’ Public Health Approaches Versus ‘Collective’ Public Health Approaches


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Behavioral approach in healthcare

Collective approaches in health care


Post your thoughts on the following activity titled “Public Health and You”.

1.You have a small discretional project budget of $20

2.A school teacher approaches you to help some students often coming to school tired, lethargic and not having eaten breakfast

3.You are asked to position yourself along 4 value lines. Where would you apportion the available funds on the following four continuums:

a)Individual vs. Collective: On photocopying a notice to send home to parents telling them to ensure their child has eaten breakfast in the morning before school because it is good for them (individual influences of health) at one end, or spend the funds on some morning tea to ask students and parents why they’re not eating breakfast before they come to school and how they can work together with the school (collective influences of health) at the other.

b)Treatment vs. Prevention: By providing loaves of bread for teachers to give toast to students in the mornings (treatment perspective) at one end, or spend the funds on seeds for vegetable and fruit gardens at home and school (preventative perspective).

c)Behaviour vs. Systems: Providing breakfast at school for the ‘at risk’ students one morning a week for 10 weeks (behavioral approach) at one end, or spend the funds on trailing breakfast options provided through the tuckshop for all students (systems approach).

d)Deficit vs. Strengths-based: A group talk to the children not eating breakfast by a nutritionist (deficit model) or spend the funds trailing a fruit break mid-morning to for the entire class to improve all students’ concentration (strengths-based approach).

The Value Line – Image Description

At the left end of the value line:

1.Individual influences of health

2.Treatment perspective

3.Behavioural approach

4.Deficit model

At the right end of the value line:

1.Collective influences of health

2.Preventative perspective

3.Systems approach

4.Strengths-based approach


5.Can each member of the group take up a position on what is known in education as a “value line”, then go to your group page and share with your group where you position yourself with an explanation of why you apportion the money in that way.

6.As a reflection you are asked to comment on the common ground between your positions


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