Discuss McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y.


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  • Discuss Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory.
  • Discuss Taguchi’s approach to experimental design.



True or False

1.True or False Deming is credited with creating the concept of the control chart and statistical process control.


2.Type II error involves failing to recognize that a problem exists.


3.Logical categories of factors being investigated are referred to as levels or treatments.


4.According to Campanella (1999), prevention costs are the costs that are associated with measuring and evaluating products or services.


5.Gauge repeatability is the ability of a single operator to obtain the same measurement value multiple times using the same measuring device on the same part.


6.A run chart provides clear evidence that a process is out of control.


7.When common cause variation is present the process is said to be out of control.


8.Verifying that the gauge to be studied is properly calibrated is the first step in conducting a R & R study.


9.Internal failure costs are defined as the costs resulting from products or services not conforming to requirements or customer/user needs after delivery or shipment of the product.


10.Pareto diagrams and check sheets provide insight into the most and least frequent occurrences.


 11.The Dodge-Romig sampling plan focuses on the lot tolerance percent defective and _____________________.

  1. Producer’s risk
  2. Consumer’s risk
  3. Type I risk
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above


12.Gauge reproducibility is the ability of ______________ to obtain (the) ______________ measurement values using the same gauge on the same part.

  1. A single operator; multiple
  2. A single operator; same
  3. Separate operators; multiple
  4. Separate operators; same
  5. None of the above


13.Statistical process control is concerned with ________________________.

  1. Quality of product
  2. Quality of design
  3. Quality of conformance
  4. Both a and b
  5. Both b and c


14.The process of designing and conducting an experiment consists of all of the following steps except__________________.


  1. Select the response variable
  2. Select the factors, levels, and ranges
  3. Select an appropriate experimental design
  4. All of the above are steps
  5. None of the above are steps


15.The tools of quality include ________________________.

  1. Flowchart
  2. Run chart
  3. Process control chart
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above


16.Type(s) of variable control chart(s) include(s) _________________.

  1. X-bar
  2. Range
  3. S
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above


17.The quality tool used to compare number of defects over time is ________________.

  1. Pareto diagram
  2. Flowchart
  3. Check sheet
  4. Run chart
  5. PDCA cycle


18.The concept of the cost of quality was formalized from the work of _____________________.

  1. Juran
  2. Feigenbaum
  3. Freeman
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above



  1. Which of the following costs is associated with auditing, evaluating, and measuring products to assure conformance?


  1. Appraisal costs
  2. External failure costs
  3. Internal failure costs
  4. Prevention costs
  5. None of the above



  1. The first step in a repeatability and reproducibility study is to _______________________.


  1. Select at least two properly trained operators
  2. Verify that the gauge to be studied is properly calibrated
  3. Present the parts to the operator for measurement
  4. Compute the average measurement
  5. None of the above



  1. . __________ provide a means for recording data by categories.



  1. The goal of a measurement system is to be both __________ and ____________________.



  1. ______ are called Independent Variables or X-variables.


  1. Quality managers are often engaged in a __________ process.



  1. A range that exceeds control limits is said to have ____________ _______________.



26.___________ criticized acceptance sampling plans as techniques that guarantee some customers will get defective products.


27.Gauge blocks are used to _____________ dimensional gauges.


28.Discuss Taguchi’s approach to experimental design.


29.Discuss Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory.


30.Discuss McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y.




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