Discuss how Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) uses the KMS cycle to help an organisation make the most effective use of their knowledge

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Identify and explain the three general categories of problems associated with 'Big Data'


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Part A:

Answer the following questions:

Question 1: Define organisational ‘Knowledge Management’ from an I.S. perspective. Discuss how Knowledge
Management Systems (KMS) uses the KMS cycle to help an organisation make the most effective use of their

Question 2: Define ‘Big Data’ identifying the three categories of data this term generally includes. Also identify
and explain the three general categories of problems associated with ‘Big Data’.

Question 3: Define Supply Chain management and detail how supply chain management (SCM) systems and
electronic data interchange (EDI) systems work to supports the supplier/customer relationship.

Question 4: Define eCommerce, LCommerce and MCommerce. Explain the impact of these mechanisms on
small business.


Part B:

Use the Toulmin’s Model of Argument to analyse the supplied Assignment Case Study (see the Assignment Case
Study section below) and provide your opinion on the strength or weakness of the argument with relation to
the Claim that we have provided.

You MUST answer the following 7 questions separately to complete the ‘Your Opinion’ section of Part B.
make sure to number your answers:

1. What is the CLAIM?

2. Is there any EVIDENCE to support the CLAIM? If so how much and how does it affect the strength of the

3. Is there a WARRANT (Explicit or Implicit)? Explicit WARRANTS are often stronger because the author can
direct the reader to accept the CLAIM. Implicit WARRANTS leave the reader’s opinion open to interpretation and this may go against the author’s intended purpose.

4. Is there BACKING? If so how much? If so how much and how does it affect the strength of the CLAIM.

5. Is there a REBUTTAL? The quantity and scope of the REBUTTAL may reduce the strength of the CLAIM and thus dissuade the reader’s acceptance of the CLAIM.

6. Is there a QUALIFIER? If so, to what extent does it reduce the scope of the CLAIM because this will impact on the strength of the CLAIM?

7. Your Opinion – this is a personal perception based on your interpretation of the article. The presence, quality and quantity of the different Toulmin elements must be applied to make this critical assessment. You must discuss whether you agree or disagree with the claim based on the stronger argument.


Case Study: This case study must be used for Part B

Claim: Your online reputation can ruin your future and there is nothing you can do about it.

You might not think about your online reputation very much but Janet Smyth U.S. Attorney’s Public Relations Manager noted “In 2016 everyone’s online reputation has the power to change your future for better or worse and is easily accessed”. Janet explained “How people perceive you online can make a big difference in your life. Especially if you own a small business or present yourself as a brand”.

Your online reputation has a lot of different pieces, whether you’re representing yourself as an individual or a company, so there are many ways in which your reputation can be damaged.

Dr. Walter Palmer, a Minnesota dentist and trophy hunter who violated Zimbabwean law and killed a tourist-favorite lion, has been the target of constant attack reviews on Yelp and other sites that slander his person and business.

When Ashley Madison, the online dating service marketed to people who are married or in a committed relationship was hacked, many people’s reputations were ruined, both online and in real life.

Sometimes reputation loss results from an unfortunate coincidence: Having a name in common with someone who has a bad reputation can result in your online reputation being tarnished. Other times it is when a site isn’t reporting correct information about you. Such as with the case filed by Dr Guy Hingston against Google. Dr Hingston claims that when you type “Guy Hin …” into Google the words “Guy Hingston bankrupt” appear in the auto-complete. He claims this is defamatory as he is not bankrupt and has caused him to lose potential clients.

The point is that your reputation can be damaged in a wide variety of ways, including many that you might not expect. However, Adam Chan a Google spokesperson says “people need to stop blaming services like Google for reputation loss and take responsibility for their own online reputations”. One of the best ways to monitor your personal or brand reputation is to Google it, as this is how most people will first interact with you — if there’s a negative result on the second or third page of Google, potential customers or employers might see it, and you need to be aware of it.

If your reputation has been damaged online then how you change the situation will depend on what kind of negative information you find, sometimes a sincere apology is all that’s needed to have the information retracted. There are also plenty of paid tools that offer this service as well, like Topsy, Mention and IceRocket. In many cases, your reputation can get damaged when only one side of a story gets out so sharing the facts online can help to reduce or stop the loss of reputation.

Janet Smyth noted, “Unfortunately, sometimes there’s just nothing you can do to get rid of a bad looking search result other than to counter it which may require an online reputation management service”.


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